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Out of Bounds Cows


Another exercise in self-amusement using Photoshop and the Out of Bounds action from PanosFX.

These cows live on the other side of our neighborhood and Sean and I walk down a couple of times a week to say hello. They are not so much cows or potential hamburgers as agg. exemptions for our gentleman farmer neighbor.

While we were there yesterday, Mr. Cow was trying to have a conjugal visit with Mrs. Cow. Let’s just say Mr. Cow was letting it all hang out and it was not lost on Sean, me or Mrs. Cow who appeared to have a headache.


This is the original photo. As you can see I cropped out some branches which were distracting.  And because our clouds were kind of cruddy, I added some better ones.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could crop out the real distractions in your life and add some better atmosphere with a click or two? Lifeshop.

16 thoughts on “Out of Bounds Cows

  1. My hubs witnessed some “gang” activity at the Parrot Paradise area of the zoo (where you can go in and feed the parakeets) on Monday. Said it was a little disturbing.

    Is it odd that I focused in on that particular section of your post?

    Also, I’d like to “Lifeshop” out our lack of electricity today.]

    * * *
    Parakeets! Pshaw! You ain’t seen nuthin’ till you see and 1000 pound bull try to have his way with the Mrs. — Sean’s eyes were as big as saucers.

  2. A friend of mine who was raised on a farm suggested I tell my sons the cows are trying to play leapfrog but are too big and get stuck. Worked for my sons for a few years….

  3. How do you do it. Take a simple little cropping action in photo shop and teach a beautiful well times lesson? What do you think it would take short of homeschool to crop some of the garbage out of the kids highschool? Thanks again for enlightening my life. ~Jenny

  4. Lifeshop indeed. I was going to ask for the link to order it… but then I considered how clumsy I am with Photoshop and decided fix-ups are best left in the hand of the Master artist. How amazing that He’s in-house!

  5. I would be interested to hear that conversation between you and your son. Mine always ask the most intense questions.

  6. I take my baby to see some cows in a field nearby too. She always asks where the Dada cow is… I guess your field would be a lil more educational?

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