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Vintage Farm House


I was going through a box of old photographs and came across this picture of my grandmother’s house.  I used to play on her front porch when I was a little girl and help her tend the big garden she had in the back.  Sometimes she would make a big pitcher of lemonade and I would sit on the steps and work on my cross stitch sampler.

No. Not really. I just totally made that up.

The  house in the aged photo is actually the one you see below.  Photos lie.  Whereas I only yank your chain.


This house is one of the original farmsteads in the town in which I live.  Long before there were neighborhoods with HOAs and The Gap and Chili’s around here, there was this farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. Now it’s a museum of sorts.  Sean and I like to stop by and take pictures and pretend we live there.

The vintage affect was achieved with a Photoshop action which you can download here for free.

16 thoughts on “Vintage Farm House

  1. If you stopped by earlier, you may have seen a picture of a bee drinking nectar from a swelling of purple flowers. It was only up a short time. I took it down because while it was eye catching on my computer, on the web it lost whatever sparkle it had that made me think you’d like to see it. I’m sorry if you clicked over from your feed reader. Didn’t mean to get you over here on false pretenses.

    If you want to see the bee, click on Antique Mommy’s Artsy Fartsy Photo Gallery on the right sidebar. I’ll be adding new stuff all the time. Slideshow mode is the best.

  2. It’s a beautiful house and your little um…fabrication was entirely believable. Except for the fact that life seemed a bit too idyllic.

    The bee done buzzed before I could catch him.

  3. I saw the bee last night…and I just assumed you had something ‘better’ in store. I was right. What a lovely house – and I love both images, although I sort of wish that first story was true.

  4. LOL, I made really southern dishes to take to a party this week and was craving sweet tea and a veranda – I like your little game 🙂 Happy weekend!

  5. I kinda like that made-up story. Tell us more. ;-D

    Yes, photos can be deceiving. It’s something to keep in mind when we see photos in newspapers, magazines and even on blogs. 🙂

  6. What’s HOAs? (Easterner here, or maybe I just don’t get out enough.)

    * * *
    Home Owner’s Association, or neighborhood nazi’s. (kidding)

  7. The farm house is incredible! If you would like, go ahead and tell your story . . . I would love to read what you come up with!

  8. I’ll bet Sean can see a face in that house, particularly the first sepia pic. The house’s left “eye,” the right side window, is winking. The roof might be eyebrows, the porch covering a mustache, and the white pickets pointy teeth.

    Not exactly scary, but definitely dangerous looking. “Come in, my dears,” it seems to say. I would not try to sell Girl Scout cookies to its owner.

  9. Fun! I like to dream about original old farmhouses too. I always wished that I could live in one of those and refinish it to be like it was originally but updated with heat and air conditioning …running water and a washer but I still want the clothes line. But I have discovered that I’m not a good fixer upper kind of gal. So I guess I’ll take my HOA and yard where the HOA won’t allow a clothes line afterall.

  10. Funny, I was believing you until you got to the sampler! (I think I’ve been reading too many Little House books! ~AM)

    Maybe because I was just reflecting on an old b&w photo of the house I lived in when I was a girl, which looked at least marginally similar to this one, and thinking how it looks so different when I drive by it now. Didn’t the new owners know it should remain as a shrine to my girlhood? 😉

  11. You had me until the sampler as well. What an interesting reflection…that we will believe anything but needlepointing on a porch 🙂

  12. HOA… I have no good memories of those…I have good memories of old houses in run down neighborhoods…before anyone ever heard of HOA’s.

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