16 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. The color in this shot is really wonderful. The orange of his shirt reflecting off his chin and hand plays well with the greens in the background and the blue of the bubble wand. Excellent composition. Not that I’m an expert by any means, but I know what I like.

  2. So sweet – my 18-mo old LOVES bubbles – his grandparents bought him a little bubble machine for when I’m working & he’s unhappy. 🙂

  3. There’s nothing quiet like a boy and his bubbles! That Other Kid loves to go out and blow bubbles in the heat of the day and come in all hot and sweaty covered with soap bubbles!!

  4. Even the adults in my family adore bubbles! We mix our own. At the family reunion we all have buble machines and wands we made. Silly.
    Winter: You can see bubbles shatter! It is awsome! Try it this winter. The break into slivers!

  5. I have never been happier to click over and see something I thought was about Michael Jackson’s chimp NOT be about Michael Jackson’s chimp.

    Thank you for the lovely photo. :)You have a mighty fine looking young man there.

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