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There are not enough poems about geraniums. * * * Scroll through comments for some very clever and lovely poems newly penned by my very clever and lovely readers!

Photography & Photoshop

Anatomy Of A Sneeze

PHOTOS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE I’m only going along with this picturing taking stuff because I know you have candy in your purse. Ah-ah-ah… choooo! Sneezing is universally funny. I made my mom laugh! Now go away crazy camera lady.

Antique Junk Drawer

Timeless Toys

I did not have a lot of toys growing up.  I know. Break out the tiny violin. I had a hand me down Chatty Cathy.  I had some of the lesser Barbies – Midge? The redhead with the questionable reputation whom no one talked about.  Nothing was proven, mostly rumors.  I did have a Chrissy doll that I loved.  I had a Lite Brite that I loved.  My brother had the Spirograph which I coveted.  But among the three of us kids, we didn’t have a lot. Sean on the other hand. Like most families in…

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Simple and Old, Just Like My Car

Earlier in the month, we loaded up my car and drove to the Midwest to see my parents.  I love my car. It is 10 years old and it is paid for and I can eat all the French fries I want in my car. And I know what all the buttons do. My car, it is not complicated. It is old and simple,  much like myself. AD has a newer fancy car that I do not care for.  Besides the fact that it is some sort of inner sanctum where no French fry shall pass,…

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Cooking and Recipes

Anyone Can Make It Cobbler

A few weeks ago, we went berry picking with some friends. Between three families, we picked 31 pounds of blueberries and blackberries.  Consequently, I have been making a lot of cobbler lately.  I’ve discovered that people are lot happier to see you at their door when you’ve got a fresh baked blueberry cobbler in hand. Cobbler is fine with canned fruit, but nothing compares to a cobbler made of fresh picked fruit.  Here’s my recipe – and anyone can make it. Filling 1 quart sized bag of frozen (or fresh) berries ½ cup of sugar 3-4…

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Always Real, School

Movin’ On And Draggin’ Feet

As I was driving Sean to day camp yesterday, we got to talking about the upcoming school year.  I was hoping to stir up some enthusiasm for kindergarten. In his dream world, he does not go to kindergarten but stays home and builds forts in the den with me all day. And eats popsicles for breakfast.  In my dream world, he trots happily off to kindergarten for a few hours while I get a few things done.  And then comes home and builds forts with me in the den. And then later we watch Deadliest Catch…

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Antique Crazy, Snips And Snails

The Run Away Game

I am assuming that every family has some weird little games they play that when described to others fall into the category of evidence for the state. We have many of these games, but the one that Sean loves most right now is called The Run Away Game. The Run Away Game erupts. It is never planned and usually happens when we are all just standing around the kitchen grazing and looking through mail and that kind of thing.  The first parent to faint from exhaustion loses. One of the parents picks up the child and…

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Photography & Photoshop

I Went On A Photo Walk With The Entire World

Saturday was Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual World Wide Photo Walk.  People from all over the world in every major city, and some minor ones, met with other photographers and walked around taking pictures. I think there were over 32,000 people from 900 cities. Kinda cool, yes? We had about 30 people in our group – amateurs and professionals, old and young, and in-between.  There was a father-daughter duo which I thought was really cool. I would love to do this with Sean next year.  Some people had incredible equipment and tripods and gadgets and others traveled…

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Always Real, School, Silliness

Goody Bags

I was chatting up some other moms on Twitter yesterday and it turns out that some of us — and not just crusty old me as I previously thought — do not like the whole culture of the goody bag that is prevalent among the preschool crowd these days. Yes, we are bitter. We did not get goody bags when we were growing up, so why should these little twerps? At Sean’s school, he gets a goody bag for every child’s birthday, every holiday, every minor occasion. At the end of the school year, he got…

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Always Real, Makes Me Sigh

The View-Master

I wrote this in April and set it aside. * * * * These days, life seems to click past from weekend to weekend, holiday to holiday, school year to school year.  It is as though I am seeing my life through a View-Master.  With the click of the thumb, one season disappears from view and is replaced with another.  And then another, and another. It is April. In another month or so, the school year will be over and we’ll look forward to lazy summer days, swimming and popsicles.  Click.  Then Father’s Day.  Click. Then…

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