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I Went On A Photo Walk With The Entire World

Saturday was Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual World Wide Photo Walk.  People from all over the world in every major city, and some minor ones, met with other photographers and walked around taking pictures. I think there were over 32,000 people from 900 cities. Kinda cool, yes?

We had about 30 people in our group – amateurs and professionals, old and young, and in-between.  There was a father-daughter duo which I thought was really cool. I would love to do this with Sean next year.  Some people had incredible equipment and tripods and gadgets and others traveled light with just pocket point and shoot models.

The most challenging aspect of the photo walk was trying to get a shot without another photographer’s leg or head in the picture.  But, at the same time, I didn’t have to explain to anyone why I was taking a picture of industrial hardware or standing there staring at something waiting for the wind to blow just right or lying in the middle of the sidewalk.  Artsy photography people understand.

Here are some of my shots.






A dog improves almost any party.

18 thoughts on “I Went On A Photo Walk With The Entire World

  1. Were you on a walk with A.J.? Was that the father/daughter duo?

    I’m going to add you to my Photo Walk link post from yesterday.

    Can’t believe I’ll see you NEXT WEEK!

    * * *
    I can’t wait to see you sister. I will try to refrain from kissing your face. This from one who doesn’t hug. 🙂

  2. Your pictures are always amazing! I really like the colorful one, but I’m afraid I don’t know what the picture is of. It’s still my favorite though!

  3. Too fun for words! Had no idea such a thing existed in the world…and really enjoy seeing your shots, as always. The first one is especially engaging; I love the way you see the world.

  4. Way cool photos friend! I’m so amazed by your artistic eye with photography.

    Capturing an object is one thing… capturing the essence of it’s beauty is something altogether rare.

    The latter describes your art.

  5. Your description of artsy photographers made me laugh. Mine brings nasty trash into the house because of its “texture” and has been known to wait HOURS for the wind to stop 🙂 You two would get on splendidly, I’m sure, and I would have to read a book on one side, or possibly play with Sean.

  6. Drat, I missed it (pout). Been trying to reduce screen time and increase sunshine time, so I just heard about it ~ after the fact. Oh well, neXt time! Your piX are fab, AM. Will you enter any of these in Scott’s contest?

  7. This sounds like something you’d overhear at a kiss-kiss art gallery showing, but I cannot stop looking at that first photo. It mesmerizes me.

    God blessed you with a well of creativity, AM. It’s breath-taking.

  8. Cool pictures!! I love the windmills!! That’s where That Kid had his senior pictures done and I could hardly believe a place like that could exist in the middle of this huge metropolitan area!!

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