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Anatomy Of A Sneeze


I’m only going along with this picturing taking stuff because I know you have candy in your purse.

Ah-ah-ah… choooo!

Sneezing is universally funny.

I made my mom laugh!

Now go away crazy camera lady.

26 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Sneeze

  1. What a cutie! And those perfect teeth! I’m jealous. Yes, all 8 have had or will need orthodontic work. Perfect smile? Priceless!

  2. Seriously fun pictures!

    I love to watch my kids sneeze. When the one-year-old sneezes, her whole body shakes and she sneezes not once, not twice, but three times! (just like her daddy) When she’s done, she looks at me, grins a gigantic smile and then giggles! Love it!

  3. Love these pictures not only because Sean is adorable, but to see your reaction. I, like momof8 am struck by Sean’s perfect teeth.

  4. As my Avery-girl and I were shopping she’d burst out “ah ah choo”! I’d gush over her, “oh, bless you, are you okay?” and she’d crack herself right on up until she could catch her breath and do it again. And I didn’t even pretend not to notice the doting grandma and grandpa type people who were grinning at how stinkin’ adorable she was!

  5. Not to rain on your parade, but Big has perfect teeth too. Turns out, you want a little gap in there when they’re little, so you know that their jaws are going to be big enough for the big teeth to fit. Maybe you’re OK, but I’m betting we’ll be doing braces face shots around the same time. (For now, they are rather perfect)

    And I love his expressions.
    And we taught both our girls to put their hand out (stop sign) and say “No Paparazzi” before age 2. And they both still say it.

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