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exotic geranium

There are not enough poems about geraniums.

* * *

Scroll through comments for some very clever and lovely poems newly penned by my very clever and lovely readers!

16 thoughts on “Geranium

  1. I have these in my front flower pot. I love the color and the flower itself. It is different.

  2. a poem about geraniums would be difficult

    hmmm…let’s see…

    there once was a pot with a geranium,
    that caused thankful thoughts in my cranium,
    I enjoyed its sweet color,
    it’s soft, pretty petals,
    should be cheered and lauded in a stadium..

    hahahahahaha, it was the best I could come up with …

    * * *
    Priceless! I love it! ~AM

  3. Sarah: rhyming “geranium” and “cranium”.
    Genius. Sheer genius!
    A.M.: Wishing my geraniums in Austin were holding up to this heat like yours are! Great shot.

  4. Good job on your poem Sarah. I love geraniums, but afraid mine aren’t holding up well this year.

  5. Well, that first got sent by a ghost. How about this:

    She cherished her mauvish geranium
    ‘Til it suffered a zap of titanium.
    Soon it withered and died,
    as she dithered and cried,
    “O grief, please be brief, I’m insanium!”

    * * *
    That is awesome! I wish I had a prize for you! ~AM

  6. I’d have said I thought geraniums
    Were practical, unassuming flowers,
    and might be embarrassed by flattery.

    Until I saw *this* geranium,
    Which looks like it would nod politely
    And take a compliment as its due.

    * * *
    Fantastically charming and wise! ~AM

  7. Ahem … (embarrassed at poem but here goes)”

    Stately geraniums
    With a scent most unique
    Stand guarding patios faithfully
    All through the week.
    They don’t demand much
    Just some water and some sun
    But the benefits they offer
    Provide beauty & gardening fun!

    (bows & makes hurried exit)

    * * *
    Scent most unique indeed! I love it! ~AM

  8. I still have not planted my geraniums (10 of them…and they were kinda expensive) that I bought this spring….summer’s gonna be gone.

  9. My husband always winters his geraniums – we’ve had the same crew for several years. You can see them on my blog from last month.

    I’ll have to ponder a poem about them – that would make a great blog post! I only have a poem about zinnias…

  10. Lovely macro shot of the geranium, but one reason there aren’t more poems about geraniums may be that it’s a bit difficult to find anything that rhymes with “geranium”. ;-/

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