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The Ubiquitous Jacket

One of the highlights of this past weekend at the She Speaks conference was meeting my blog friend Shelly who writes My Life on The Wild Side.

I had not met Shelly in person before, but when I met her on Friday, I connected with her immediately.  I felt like I had known her since high school.  The conversation was easy — we both grew up in the Midwest, both love words and are just similarly wired.  Since we were both on the speaker’s track, we attended some of the same sessions and enjoyed some meals together.

The afternoon of The Big 5, which is lingo for The Big 5-Minute Speech, because I’m all hip and into the use of super hip lingo, we snuck away and gave our 5-minute speeches for each other a couple of times — which was tremendously helpful to me.  She told me to slow down, I told her to not say ubiquitous.  She didn’t say ubiquitous and I didn’t slow down.  She has a more teachable spirit than I.

Anyway, the day of The Big 5, Shelly was wearing this awesomely cute little black and white tweedy type bolero jacket. It was very Jackie, which is lingo for Jackie O.  It’s hard to be as cool as I, what with all my lingo. Anyway, I coveted that jacket just a little bit.  It was covetably cute.

Well, after The Big 5, as I was passing through a crowded hallway, I spotted that awesome jacket and I was thrilled to see my new friend and report how it went.  So I went up to her and put my arm around her and put the side shoulder squeeze hug move on her and said, “Oh I’m so happy to see you!”

And then a lovely, lovely girl turned around who was not Shelly. In fact it was a girl I had never seen before.  She was either terribly kind or terribly frightened, but no charges were pressed.

As I was saying, it’s just kind of hard to be as cool as me. With or without the lingo.

15 thoughts on “The Ubiquitous Jacket

  1. “Things” like that just happen to….’way cool people’……’s part of walking on the cool side. Yep…you just cool!

  2. I think we all love these stories not just because they make us laugh, but more because now we know we aren’t the only ones who’ve done that!

  3. I, on the other hand, was on the other side of that scene once. In a cross walk, downtown Los Angeles, a man looked at me, grabbed my arm, called me by a name that wasn’t mine, then proceeded to hurl obscenities at me! lol I was 18 and mad as all get out! The cop in the intersection directing traffic had a good laugh as I raced back to my building… lol

  4. That’ll teach you to go all huggy like that! LOL

    A sort of similar thing happened to my hubby once… we were at the zoo before we had kids, and this little kid suddenly latched himself to my husband’s leg. Hubby and I stared at each other, not quite sure what to do, when suddenly the poor little guy figured out he was giving a hug to the wrong leg and about freaked out. The leg he was supposed to hug was nearby and we all got a good chuckle out of it. Poor little guy! : )

    * * *
    Oh that makes me laugh. And I’m sure when you are only 2ft tall, the fear of hugging a strange leg is magnified! ~AM

  5. O.K., there is just so much in that post that makes me laugh. That anyone would covet anything in my wardrobe is just about the funniest thing on earth to me.

    Thank you, sweet girl. This just made my day. And, oh, I have done that same thing too many times to count. So we have one more thing in common! 🙂

  6. Oh, that’s funny. I am glad I am not the only one who does stuff like that. I’m sure she was glad to know you were happy to see her anyway!

  7. once, before i was born, my parents were vacationing and visited niagara falls. everyone was wearing those adorable rain ponchos that even cover your head.

    at one point, my mom watched a new bride walk up to her new husband, all doe-eyed and filled with love, and take his hand only to realize her man was my dad. oops.

  8. I loved this post from the start because I love Shelly. She has one of best blogs around in my humble opinion.
    I’m really glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your description of your inside the head vs. outside the head scenario. I would have been a geyser. So descriptive. So funny. Write on!!!

  9. “She told me to slow down, I told her to not say ubiquitous. She didn’t say ubiquitous and I didn’t slow down. She has a more teachable spirit than I.”

    I laughed out loud when I read that. That is SO me!! Great post, AM.

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