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The Internet Is Awesome

Friday night I drove far far far FAR away from my home to have dinner with Screwed Up Texan and Amy who writes Living Locurto.

I had never met either of them before, but chances are, if you read someone’s blog, you probably know more about them than people who really know them know about them — it’s just that you’ve never actually met them.  Diagram that sentence, I dare you.

Anyway, we had a delightful time sharing stories and chatting about all things blogging and everything else.  We discovered that we are all three artists and photographers, share a similar world view and we all three have children about the same age.

I also thought it was interesting that if you round up a smidge, we are all just about 10 years apart —  30, 40 and 50 — interesting but insignificant.  That’s what I love about the internet — it neutralizes the usual barriers like age, race, region, religion, economics, education and all the other silly ways in which we divide ourselves.

I’ve done a number of blogger meet-ups in my four years of blogging and I always come away feeling like I’ve found some long lost members of my tribe, that I’ve found people who understand why I do what I do.  Some of those gals whom I’ve met through blogging, and you know who you are — they  are some of my best buds. I know I can count on them.

I think that is just an amazingly cool thing, to connect with awesome people whose path you would never cross in real life.


Screwed Up, Loco Locurto and Crazy Old Lady

I was glad when I uploaded the pictures and discovered they were actually blurry and it wasn’t just that one itty bitty glass of wine I had with dinner.


This is what photographers do when they go to dinner.


Aren’t they cute? Go read their blogs.

16 thoughts on “The Internet Is Awesome

  1. Oh, that was fun. I had the best time! It was neat to find out we have a lot of the same blog friends and didn’t know it:-) Thanks for traveling far far far away. It was a pleasure meeting you in person!! Yay!

  2. Oh I know! I met a blogging acquaintance today too, and it was like we were long lost friends reuniting after a long absence instead of virtual strangers to one another. We talked for THREE HOURS. I’ve met a lot of folks too, and I’ve never had a bad experience. Some were better than others, but I always came away feeling enriched by the experience.

  3. Oh, how we need to have a Texas meet up maybe in The Woodlands or somewhere central! That would be so much fun!! Ya’ll look so cute!!


  4. Why don’t you ever come meet me? Just put in those hours on a plane instead of a car…the world is small and I am LESS than halfway round it! 🙂

    * * *
    THAT is my dream. You are one of my very favorite bloggers ever since I started blogging. Or! You could come see me. I’ll show you where to step so you don’t get into the fire ants.

  5. Love this! I met some people I had been talking with virtually through a chat board and it was amazing! I’ve never met other bloggers. In fact, my blog is fairly young. But your pictures look like you had a great time and I hope someday to meet up with fellow bloggers myself. I’m sure you had the same feelings I did in meeting my chat board friends. And I like the idea suzanne had…a Texas blogger meeting!

  6. The internet *is* awesome!

    I met some ladies 10 years ago when we were all expecting babies, due in September 1999.

    We have been through so much together — the death of parents, cancer in two of our ’99 children (one of which passed away a year ago, but thankfully the mom still updates us on her other children), disabilities in others, divorces, marriages, more children, natural disasters, 9/11…. you name it!

    Many of us have met in person over the years–many multiple times. My family evem stayed with another family for a week, thousands of miles from home! Another family spent three days at Disneyland with us, when they were out here vacationing.

    These women are who I turn to first when something big happens, even though I’m blessed with “real life” friends, as well. We just have shared SO much.

    The internet is really such a blessing. I can’t imagine how different my life would have been without it, especially in regards to my life as a mother.

  7. I feel out of place, I’m leaving.

    I never get to meet anybody, stuck here in the home of the York Peppermint Pattie.

    Anyway, looks like you all had a wonderful visit and it’s good you drove far, far, far, far away. Sometimes we all need to expand our horizon. Even in Texas.

  8. I vote we all meet in the geographic center of Texas. May not be a big town, but I’m sure they would have chips and salsa. What more do we need?

  9. Googled it…the geographic center of Texas is Brady. And there do happen do be some restaurants that would make a great meeting place. Calling all Texas bloggers…

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