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Something changes when I flip the calendar from August to September.

Even though it is still hot, and will be for many more weeks, even though it is still light out until well after dinner, and will be for many more weeks,  something changes.  Turning that page makes everything feel just a little bit different.

September 1st means that summer is over and another season has been put away to the ages.  Expectations change,  even if the weather and wardrobes do not.

When I took note that today was the first day of September, I wanted to record it in some way, so Sean and I took off on foot with the camera to smell September air and see September sights.  As we walked along our usual route, Sean pointed out things that he thought belonged to the new season, things that should be photographed for the record.

“You have a very good eye,” I told him as I snapped the pictures he pointed out.

“I know — and I think it’s this one,” he said looking up at me and and pointing to one squinching and fluttering eye.

I laughed and I loved how that sound felt in my ears.

Copper hair, sweaty and sticking straight up, dirty hands and face, eyes the color of the deep blue sea, the way he makes me laugh.

These are the things that belong to this first day of September.


15 thoughts on “September

  1. My 5YO was walking around the house a couple days ago, with one eye closed. I said, “Why’s your eye shut, buddy?” And he pointed to the closed eye and replied, “This one didn’t get enough sleep last night.”

  2. Something happens in the heart and mind after midnight on August 31. On the morning of September 1st, the world looks and feels just a little bit different, a bit more fresh. September ushers in a sense of anticipation and new beginnings, the promise that summer will soon spin itself out.

    For me, that distinct sense of change doesn’t seem to happen between any of the other months — even December to January, the big “change and resolutions” month, or the start of Spring which represents renewal and beginning.

    I like September.

  3. Love that picture. Your boy is so precious!! I love reading about him, because it reminds me of when my girls were his age.

  4. So true! I love this observation. And actually, here in Maine the weather changed when the calendar did. It totally feels like fall now. So weird. 🙂

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. And our weather is FABulous this year!!!! Fall has fallen, and we may actually have “Fall” this year, instead of “Fell.” Sure hope so.

    Love you, my new friend. (((hugs))) *wink*

  6. it was weird here the weather actually did shift a bit yesterday….its been being in the upper 80s in the morning, yesterday we woke up to a crisp 62* and today….well today when we left for the bus stop it was 54*. i dont mind the leaves turning…i dont mind the brisk…do not bring the cold and the snow and the yuck with you.

  7. One time I said we needed to keep an eye open for a bus we were waiting for, and my boy scrunched one eye shut and with the other, focused intently on the spot where the bus should arrive.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Keeping an eye open for the bus.”

    Only he wasn’t joking. He was taking that assignment seriously.

    * * *
    Kids are so literal. Recently Sean was looking for a particular book and so as I helped him look for it, I asked him if it was a hardback book. He said yes, and it has a hard front too. ~AM

  8. Oh, yes, I love September dearly. September’s always seemed a more appropriate time for the New Year to start, to me. Everything feels so fresh and full of promise and potential, like a new box of 64 gloriously brilliant, sharp, good-smellin’ Crayolas. I was instantly revitalized, for real, the minute I woke up yesterday morning.

    Also. “Yes, and it has a hard front, too.” One of the cutest, funniest, most perfect things you’ve ever written out of Sean’s mouth. I love his little mind!

  9. I love fall, but still mourn the passing of summer. Just wish fall would wait untill September to arrive here in the great state of Alaska.

  10. All I think about when September comes, is it’s hurricane month!!! That’s when it seems we get hit the most in SE TX. sh-sh-shudder!!

  11. Sept is my favorite month.

    I love “Indian Summer”, the dry heat, the last breath of summer hanging on. The fog leaves in Sept & Oct and it’s our best beach weather here.

    I believe we each have a month we’re best in (I don’t know why, childhood superstition?) Mine has always been Sept.

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