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Spider Web


We spent our holiday weekend in beautiful Arkansas on our annual canoe trip with 21 of our best friends.  We stayed in an historic log cabin/lodge on a fabulous property that over looks the mountains.  Above is one of the many dew covered spider webs that decorates the property in the morning.  This one was about 4-ft tall.

Great fun was had by all, consequently the House of Antique is wiped out.   Kindergarten starts to day, so it’s a big day.  Lots to do — thoughts to think, memories to remember, words to write, clothes to wash, coffee to drink, naps to take….

More stories, more pictures, later….


Sean and Antique Mommy on the river.

23 thoughts on “Spider Web

  1. Happy first day of school! Today for our first day we watched the bus go up the street West of us and across and back the street South of us, but never came to our stop. Of course you can’t get through to transportation on the first day, so hopefully they stop by on the way home after school! Ah school . . .

  2. It is also our first day of school. My baby is in 5th grade and didn’t “need” me to walk to the bus with her. What am I supposed to do? Accomplish something?

    Love the web and seeing a picture of you!

  3. Those spider webs were everywhere this weekend, weren’t they? Big spiders too! We’ve been enjoying those and the little tuffs of webs on the dewy grass. We almost went canoeing this weekend but decided on Silver Dollar City. It was beautiful but PACKED!

  4. What a great ending to summer!

    I hope the launch went well this morning. The house will seem sadly quiet without your little boyfriend around. I hope he has lots of fun to share with you this afternoon.

  5. Kindergarten started for us today, too! It was a hit! So much fun and learning to do…sounds like a great way to end the summer break.

  6. HOW did you get the picture of the spider web? We had a very cool spider web on our back deck that ran between 2 patio umbrellas. It was HUGE. I tried to take a picture of the complex web, but it just looked weird. I did it at night and scared the fool out of the poor spider (she ran to the top of the web!). I was sad I missed a great photo op because I just had no idea how to get a good shot of it. Phooey!

  7. Look at y’all! Are you cute or what? A couple of Late Summer Scouts out on a big adventure.

    Bean and I are reading Charlotte’s Web together right now, so we both really had to stop and examine and be awestruck by your pretty photo. It’s true – a spider’s web is a miraculous thing. I wonder if you could Photoshop “SOME PIG” into it?

  8. Barring torrential downpours, next weekend we plan to ride our motorcycle to Arkansas, to the Hub Motorcycle resort, south of Harrison. We’ll meet up with another couple and cruise the lovely back roads there. I love Arkansas.

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