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The image of the dog has been used in paintings throughout history to represent fidelity.  In the middle ages, before marriage licenses, couples would commission a marriage portrait and the painter usually tucked the image of a little dog somewhere in the composition.

When we went canoeing last weekend, we met this sweet old dog and his friend at the general store in Gilbert, Arkansas, population 33.  Not sure if that includes the dogs.


This is the original photo before I started clicking stuff in Photoshop.

13 thoughts on “Fidelity

  1. Love the photo and your redo. That puppy sure looks like it has a lot on my mind. The look on his face captures how any one of us feels on any given day, whether or not we show it.

  2. AUSSIES!!!!

    now you’ve made me miss my mom and dad and their Aussie! He is the best and most sweet dog ever.

    Love what you did with the picture too. That dog looks a lot like our sweetie.

  3. What beautiful Aussies. I have a blue myrle(sp?) Shoeshine…looked like a shoeshine rag to me. They are the most loyal and loving dogs. I did not know that tidbit about the symbology in portraits, which has just made a portion of my past so ironic. I traveled with the RBB&B Circus…many moons ago. At the time I adopted a dog and named him Fido. About a year later he ran away from the circus and I’ve always hoped joined a home. I guess Fido was not the proper name for him. Still chuckling :c)

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