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So then, Sean’s homework assignment for today included, you guessed it, tally marks.

Today his mission was to count the knives, forks and spoons in the silverware drawer and tally them up.  Since most of our everyday silverware was either in the sink or the dishwasher, we went to the formal dining room and pulled open the top draw of the china hutch, where we keep the good stuff.

I pulled back the flannel cloth, grabbed all the forks and then laid them in a jumble on a placemat for him to sort.  He carefully laid four forks side by side like soldiers, laid the fifth one across the four and then put the rest in another group.

I was relieved to see that he had conceded to the universe and decided to go along with the five-mark tally system, not because it will make his life easier, but because my new goal in life is to never give another persuasive speech on the merits of the five-mark tally system.

After he recorded his findings on his little clipboard, he tucked his pencil behind his ear and then rolled up all the forks in the placemat.  As he handed the roll of forks to me to put back into the drawer, he exclaimed, “May the forks be with you!”

“Get it?” he said, “May the FORKS be with you? FORKS?!”

And then he threw his head back and laughed hysterically at his own joke.

My heart was flooded with joy, at the way he makes me laugh, at the way his eyes make the shape of a rainbow when he laughs, at how I  couldn’t think of one thing that could make my life one drop sweeter.

29 thoughts on “Forks

  1. Oh, AM… you gave birth to a little punster! I am both joyful and frightened for you…

    But what a sweet moment that must have been!

  2. That was fabulous. Between the tally resolution and the fork joke, it was the kind of super special moment you just want to hang on to forever. The kind of thing that makes the tough stuff worth it, huh?

  3. That kid has a great sense of humor.

    Here’s one you can share with him. When you next serve peas at dinner, you can say “peas be with you” as you spoon them onto his plate. (You maybe need to be an Episcopalian for this to work.)

    I do that, and then I laugh uproariously in a Sean-like manner. Every time. My kids don’t. Can’t think why.

  4. The mothers of joyhood, indeed! Thank you for sharing your moments with us. My Jack likes to make jokes about the ‘pits’ since he’s a big Cars fan…nice to know I’m not the only mom out there smiling and heart-melting when regular words take me back. Now *I* want to make him laugh uproariously – what a sweet heart!

  5. LOL, too cute! Did his teacher set him straight on tallys? I mean, I assume he got marked wrong on his other assignments, with his six tally mark, didn’t he? Sometimes the teacher can get thru when the parent can’t. That, of course, can be painful!! I remember a spelling pretest my DD took in first grade and she spelled goodness correctly, however the teacher marked her wrong and said it only had one ‘s’ at the end!!!!! I TOLD my DD the teacher was mistaken, must have been distracted, gotten confused, whatever, but that goodness was indeed spelled correctly. My DD would NOT believe me, would ONLY believe the teacher….that’s scary!! When did the teacher start to trump the mom?? Sniffle… I had to go to the teacher who told my DD that she had in fact spelled the word right and she (the teacher) was wrong, before my DD would believe me.

  6. The way you write about Sean makes your readers fall in love a little bit more with your baby boy each time. That kid is a hoot! May the forks be with you. hahaha thats a good one!

    I just noticed your Antique Mommy Art and photo gallery yestarday. I don’t know where the heck I’ve been not to notice it. Anyway, the only thing I can say is wow. I’m very impressed with your abilities. Not jus the painting and photography those were great but the pancakes! haha those were adorable. And I love the Sean’s photo’s section. He actually did quite well. I bet he will be as good as his mama if not better one day.

  7. That’s hysterical. What a funny little guy. Is he into knock-knocks still? My kids’ fav. is from a Doodlebops DVD:
    Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Anita who?
    A nita tissue. Achoooo!
    The “oo” must be very long and gradually louder:)
    Glad your Tally Mark Lecture circuit days are over:)

  8. Oh how sweet. Your Sean and my Ross would get along famously – Ross adores Star Wars and any reference to such makes you OK in his book. It’s funny how at this age they don’t want to take corrections from mom but teachers know everything. Ross calls the Pod racers from Star Wars iPod racers. I’ve tried to correct him to no avail. I’m done though, he’ll figure it out soon enough and I actually kind of like iPod racers better. A sign of the times :). Your Sean is adorable!

  9. You’re a nicer mum than I. At moments like that, my primary emotion was relief that they were actually seeming to grasp the concept of humour, and that they had actually made a funny joke. It’s a start 😉

  10. so glad to hear that Sean figured out 4 and then the slash… I can imagine that would of been a challenge in the future…
    I like the fork comment also… !

  11. Isn’t it amazing how quickly children learn such things as puns? That’s so cute! He should laugh – made me laugh! You couldn’t have made that up.

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