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Makes Me Happy


My little boy drew this and it makes me happy to look at it.   It’s a bear. In case you were wondering.

24 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy

  1. Love it. My favorite pic brought home from school was a kindergarten drawing labeled “My Family” . I was drawn wearing a short, see-thru skirt, high heels (feet turned outward of course), and 2 high ponytails! I have no idea where he came up with my outfit!!! I truly have never dressed in such a manner. So of course, it’s framed and hanging in my hallway!

    And now he’s 15 and I wish he would bring home sweet drawings from school….

  2. One of the youngest kids drew in my oldest daughter’s diary! She was so mad! She marched to me to show me the picture, and it was a stick person with a couple of hairs sticking up at the top of the head. It looks so funny that I burst out laughing for weeks afterward thinking about it. My oldest daughter finally decided that she didn’t mind the defacement either and we still laugh about it 10 years later!

  3. One of the funniest kiddo drawings I’ve seen was last year in Sean’s pre-K class. One of the kids had drawn a picture for the teacher, Miss Vicky, and across the top the artist wrote her name: Miss Vice. Cracked me up.

  4. I LOVE Sean’s picture. One of the most important things I learned from my early childhood development class in college was “Don’t ask a child what something is. . .ask them to TELL YOU A STORY about what something is. . .” BUT since you are not a child I HAVE TO KNOW. Are those stars on the bear’s pants or patches on his knees. . .better yet. . .is the bear even WEARING pants?

  5. Oh, thank you, it made me happy, too. It’s a bear, for sure, and I particularly like the fact that he’s already signature savvy 😉 Thank you for sharing your precious boy!

  6. Of course it’s a bear! Look at those sharp claws. (I have students who draw me without arms and legs–prompting me to wonder why I even bother to put on makeup or brush my hair when I teach my first graders. Your little guy is very detailed in his drawing!)

  7. I love it! I wish I would have copied my kids drawings and used them for Christmas cards, birthday cards etc. I just love kids art!!!

    * * *
    I have save almost all of his artwork. We are going to have to get a warehouse.

  8. My mom-in-law, a kindergarten teacher, saw this picture from across the room (while I was reading to her about the tally marks and forks! I LOVE THOSE POSTS, I must tell you) and said, “Looks like a bear. Is that a bear?” True story. I like the stars on his knees.

  9. I can remember a drawing my daughter did when she was slightly younger than Sean – it was a stick girl, wearing a triangle dress – and showing right thru the dress she had a pair of panties drawn on. So cute – I have saved it, and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

  10. I love it! I love the stars on his pants, and the fur on his paws. Kids art is great. You should frame it and hang it up!

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