Makes Me Sigh, Snips And Snails, Wivian

Make A Wish

The other afternoon Sean and I went out for a walk. It was a glorious Indian summer day, warm and peaceful and perfect in every way. He spied the very last of the ripened dandelions and plucked it out of the ground.  “Okay Mom,” he said, “Be quiet.” I stood quietly and respectfully off to the side while he stood as still as a totem pole, eyes closed and holding up the dandelion to his lips.  Then he whispered, “I wish Vivian could come see me every year!” He inhaled deeply with a squeak and then…

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Antique Daddy, Money

What Happens When A New Car Kinda Gal Marries A Debt Free Kinda Guy

Go get a beverage, it’s a long one today… * * * A week or so ago, I saw on my Twitter stream that Dave Ramsey was looking for stories of people who have been living debt free for 10 or more years.  Since we had just celebrated our 11th debt-free anniversary, I took the time to send him our story in a paragraph or two. I was really surprised when the producer emailed me and asked if I would talk to Dave on the air on Friday because our story is not all that exciting.…

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School, Silliness

Intro To Pumpkinology 101

Last week Sean’s kindergarten teacher asked me if I’d be willing to come up to the school and lead a couple of 15-20 minute classes on pumpkins. I know my way around a pumpkin and it sounded like fun, so I said sure, why not. When I arrived at the school,  the teacher gave me a 10-second overview of the lesson plan, three pumpkins and a knife. Then she blindfolded me, spun me around three times and pushed me towards my classroom. The lesson plan was this:  She would send three or four children at a…

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Antique Daddy


So then, not too long ago we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I went on line to look up what the traditional gifts are for eleven years and it says they are steel and fashion jewelry – basically power tools or cheap jewelry.  If they had checked with me they would know that it’s not steel or jewelry, it is picture frames. A few days prior, I happened to notice on the calendar that the big day was nigh, so I said, “Dude. Did you know that our anniversary is coming up?” “Yes,” he lied. “Really?”…

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Always Real, Photography & Photoshop

Grow Where You Are Planted

Even if everything around you is falling apart. This massive tree is growing skyward,  seemingly unaware that half of its root system is exposed. The path that runs alongside this tree is a good six feet below the base of the tree, so as I walked along the path, I was looking up into its tangle of roots. And yet it grows. It reminded me that if we are rooted deeply enough, we can flourish and grow in less than ideal circumstances.

Parenting Gone Awry

When Leaves Fall Moose Mate

So then, Sean’s homework assignment for tonight was to draw a picture representing fall. I was excited about that project because of the many creative possibilities.  I envisioned that he would draw a field of pumpkins or falling leaves. Or maybe pumpkins or falling leaves. Or something like that. So I gave him a piece of paper and read to him the task as stated on the assignment sheet. Side Bar:  I learned early on in college that if you can figure out what the professor wants and give it to them on time, you can…

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How Team Sports Are Like Working In An Office

In the past few years Sean has played on a couple of sports teams. He played baseball for a couple of seasons and now he’s playing soccer. What I have observed in watching Sean play soccer and baseball is that team sports are the precursor to working in an office.  You’ve got the same cast of characters, only in miniature.  Basically the nose picker and whiner and the kid who just lies down in the outfield grow up to get jobs.  So we make Sean play sports, not for the exercise, but to develop his interpersonal…

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I Spy With My Little Eye, Crazy Things In My Car

Some of us gals who attended She Speaks last summer decided that a fun way to keep up with one another would be to link up and do a Crazy Things themed post every so often.  And today is our first one.  (I thought) Today’s theme is (was) about the crazy things you find your car. (Turns out not. Just crazy wherever you find it. Oh well.) I didn’t even have to look under the seat to find something crazy. And frankly, I’m glad. My fear is that somewhere in the deep dark unexplored depths of…

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