I Spy With My Little Eye, Crazy Things In My Car

Some of us gals who attended She Speaks last summer decided that a fun way to keep up with one another would be to link up and do a Crazy Things themed post every so often.  And today is our first one.  (I thought) Today’s theme is (was) about the crazy things you find your car. (Turns out not. Just crazy wherever you find it. Oh well.)

I didn’t even have to look under the seat to find something crazy. And frankly, I’m glad. My fear is that somewhere in the deep dark unexplored depths of my car, the Goldfish and Gummy Bears are mating and evolving into higher life forms. And that is information that I don’t need.

I used to be very particular about my car. I kept it immaculate.  I did.

Then I had a child.

Now my car is more or less a sludgemobile.  It is a moveable feast, a roving footlocker, it is a portable classroom, it is a conference room on wheels — it is an I Spy photo shoot waiting to happen.


I spy a tiny planet and crocodile, an iPod and a nail file…

That’s all I can do.  Making up those I Spy poems is not as easy as you might think.  Have at it.

So then, as you can see, there are several things I never leave home without – Carmex lip balm, germ gel, my cell phone, a hair band and reading glasses.  And Saturn and an alligator. Those things all work in harmony to keep me glued together.  There was a miniature Tootsie Roll but I ate it before I took the picture.

If you care to reveal what crazy thing(s) you have in your car, I’d love to know.

If you want to play the full version of the game, click over and see our lovely hostess (Vanna gesture) Hillary, also known as The Other Mama.

32 thoughts on “I Spy With My Little Eye, Crazy Things In My Car

  1. I came from the blog party! What a neat site you have here. 🙂 {Vanna grins with smart allec tone.}
    Um, you know I heart your blog and heart you, as well. {If only I could make that cute heart in a comment!}
    And I used to also heart my car. And then 2 carseats with well-meaning, but useless protectors took over. They are matching… in their stains and permanent indentions in my leather.
    I think one day there will be a revolt a-la Toy Story within the crevices of that car. Until that day, I will get as far down as the car wash vacuum can go and hope for the best. Ish. ‘Cause who really has time to vacuum?

  2. If it makes you feel any better, we once had a carton of chocolate milk that spilled, and the kids didn’t tell me. That was in April. We discovered the milk (if you could still call it that) in a heat wave during JUNE. We played “sniff the air to find the nasty smell.”
    Eye Spy is way better. 😉
    Great post!

  3. I came from the blog party, too.Oh my – how i laughed – at your witty writing – and because I thought about doing the same thing – crazy things in the car! Let me say my favorite saying was calling your car “A Moveable Feast.” Now that was good and filled with verity.

  4. The console between my front van seats is piled with priase CD’s, three water bottles (I have issues) a denim jacket and two pairs of my daughter’s sunglasses (she also has issues) There is an umbrella standing on the floor propped against the passenger seat.
    The back seat contains a blanket (cold softball games last weekend) a free golf umbrella and a bright green umbrella covered in little O’s which my friend bought for me at the Oprah show. Lots of rain – lots of umbrellas.
    Oh and I found a tiny orange balloon on the floor but no planets or reptiles.

  5. Okay, so the moveable feast thing. I try to keep the car clean. But I soon realized that the boys don’t always have the same standards. When they went out to clean the car out, I asked them why they brought the dog with them. “Oh, Mom, don’t you know, he does most of the cleaning for us!” Yipes! Guess the puppy loves stale french fries enough to dig them from under the seats!

  6. I couldn’t do a crazy car post because my kids are grown and therefore I manage to keep my car unlived in. There were days when we had to keep an entire wardrobe in the car, though. My daughter (now 26) still lives like that…I guess from spending years changing clothes in the back seat on the way to gymnastics, chorus, or whatever activity was next!

  7. Y’all, it doesn’t take the artistry of kids and their slippery hands (woops!) or muddy feet or tantrums that carry on until you agree to let Buzz Lightyear & Friends along for the ride.

    My Jeep, which only ever transports two people at most at any given time – my husband & I – has a sweatshirt, an Aldis bag with old reel-to-reels and workbooks from when my dad was a kid, a big plastic tub that holds every kind of sporting equipment we own, duffle bags, a notebook and enough crumbs to feed a small nation.

    I’m not proud.

    But believe it or not, it’s an *improvement*.

  8. Finger People! Wet Ones. Hot Wheel cars.
    We had a piece of paper fall from the glove box to the fan and make a herendous noise! My brother the mechanic got a BIG kick out of that one (he is a bachlor)!

  9. I’m traveling around the blog party and enjoying a day of laughter. I have to say that your photo of your console looked very familiar, but it was missing the 1 inch layer of goo in the bottom of the cup holders. I have no idea what the goo is made of since I don’t really have a car I can call ‘mine’. With 3 other drivers in the house (and one more almost there) I’m just happy to get the keys once and a while. Being the ‘neat freak’ that I am, God has used the family car to heal me of my need to have control of neatness! If I get in the car and it has enough gas to get me to town and back I am overjoyed! And as for the smell of spilled coffee, old gym socks and yesterdays drive thru meal, since the new car smell makes me car sick…I just look on the bright side and say ‘it could be worse!’.

  10. Okay, okay…where IS that tiny planet?! I’m going bananas trying to find it! haha
    I feel you on the gummies and goldfish in the cranies of the car sister. Sometimes, when something of value slips in a semi easy reach, I worry about what sludge I’ll caress as I go for it. By the way, did you know that Carmex has a chemical agent that keeps your lips from staying supple? Meaning, once you start using it- your lips start to peel a little, giving the impression its working..and then you find yourself NOT being able to stop using it. I switched over to a tiny squeezable tube of Aquaphor..fabulous!

  11. Too funny! Make sure you don’t lose saturn and the alligator. We tend to clean up the van BEFORE a road trip so that we can actually use it better during the trip. It is amazing how quick the floor around the kids seats gets knee deep in clutter.

  12. I have crumbs and goo– but I also happen to have two toothbrushes(for me!) in a ziploc bag…just in case 🙂 and a bible, we also have assorted pipecleaners– they are a GREAT quiet toy!
    ah, joy!

  13. Oh you wouldn’t believe what was in my car if I told you. Yeah you would you have a child and a boy at that. Right now though my car was just washed and detailed so the only thing in it is a bag of baseball equipment full of catchers gear and other stuff!

  14. Here I’ve been carrying the weight of the world around … I had no idea a mini-sized rubber Saturn would suffice. You are crazy-smart!

    * * *
    Saturn glows in the dark which is awesome when you go out to the garage just before bed to get something out of the car that you forgot and you see something inside the car glowing. The freak out is only momentarily.

  15. As of this morning… I spied beach towels, rain ponchos, empty water bottles, wrapping paper, and oh… two of the cutest puppies I borrowed from the animal shelter for a classroom presentation…. they left a few “packages” of their own!! Oh I spy… AN OPEN WINDOW!!

  16. I need to stop having a minivan for only 2 children. It is an excuse to drive about obscene amounts of junk. To further the problem, we’ve finished moving, and the van still has traces of random things from my basement. I suppose I could bring them into the house.

  17. With four children under the age of 8, we have plenty of science projects hiden in every seat and in every crevice. My husband is so sweet to clean it out for me when it gets reeeaaallly bad and I’ve trained him not to give me a play-by-play of what he finds. He simply scrapes, sucks, or disenfects and hands the keys back with a smile. That’s love:)

  18. ooo… my car needs a good clean-out, too. my husband just did a minor cleaning out, but i noticed that not even he was brave enough to reach under the seat!

  19. My kids aren’t little anymore and they all drive their own versions of the “sludgemoblie” but I will tell you this…the hubby the other day said to me the other day, as he perused all the ever appearing coffee blotches on the seats, the steering wheel, the dashboard, the glove compartment,(well, you get the picture), and mind you, he did say this in good humor…”Why don’t you just drive thru Starbucks, get a tall latte, and toss it around, and get it all over at once?” Hmmm. But that would be wasting a perfectly good coffee.

  20. I love that picture! How clever of you to sneak in the October memory verse. 😉

    My car is clean. Very clean. Because I just got back from having it cleaned. And I like it that way. The only things in my car (aside from my She Speaks CDs which I listen to regularly) are my Trader Joe’s bags and blankets which are needed for football games at this time of year. That’s it. Oh, and a box of kleenex.

    * * *
    Part of me longs for clean car days again but then I think when I finally have a clean car again it will mean I don’t have a grimy little boy in the backseat anymore. And that kind of makes me sad.

  21. So funny! I have three kids and my car is horrible! We had it “detailed” last summer. Hubby called for a quote and the guy said $100… he about died when he saw the inside. He said that would be the last time he gave a quote over the phone! It was nice and clean for about a month…

  22. even the console in my van is not remotely as clean as your picture…but at any given moment there is a bottle w/ extra nipples and zippy pac of formula somewhere, a bottle of ketchup, 37 crayons or so three stickers stuck to my window, Ks name in blue paint pen….13 peppermints, 3 pens that wont write, my mp3 player, a stufed monkey, a stuffed zebra, 3 schnauzers and a razorback….leftover fruit roll up from vacation i think, and at least 4 coloring books
    but i do have to say there are no longer half chewed fries or an entire box of cereal rolling on the floor….
    improvements are slight but improving none the less.

  23. I have some pretty weird things in my car (half-eaten granola bars, single socks) but where it really gets interesting is in the last row of seats in my minivan, where my youngest daughter always sits. Jamba Juices from months ago, fossilized french fries, melted candy bars – frankly, my husband and I are a little afraid to go back there. We surmise it may be where the Hanta virus originated.

  24. I have baking soda in my car. This is totaly because we (stupidly) bought a car from a smoker; but I’m always waiting for the baking soda to spill and for someone to ask me what the “white powder” pouring from under my seat is.
    Also, I love your blog!

  25. I spy hand gel and a green iPod,
    eye drops and a verse from God.

    I spy lip balm and Saturn’s rings,
    Tic Tacs and several writing things.

    * * *
    Oh you are good. I wish I had a prize for you!

  26. Haha! I actually found myself studiously checking your picture and thinking to myself…”okay, I don’t see the nail file. Yep, yep, there it is!” Thank goodness no one was watching me! :o) Becki

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