14 thoughts on “Haystack Jumping

  1. Kay,

    I have one of those slow cameras. I have to take a shot at least a second before the action actually takes place and you can end up getting some really nice shots. Of course I have not figured out how to keep them from getting blurry on occation. But I’m just thankful I have a camera.

    Good luck. I hope that helps.

    * * *
    Wow, you must have some awesome reflexes. I have a ton of pictures of the back of Sean’s head as he’s running away after doing something remarkable/adorable one second before. The the trigger response was probably the number one reason I invested in an SLR camera. I got tired of missing so many great shots.

  2. Great pic! I’ve got to ask, though. What’s up with the rubber boots? 🙂

    * * *
    Well, on a farm there is often mud and horse poop and lots of other stuff you might not want to get on your sneakers.

  3. One of my favorite memories as a kid was jumping the hundreds of hay bales at uncle’s farm in Oklahoma – of course, occasionally, I’d fall between them and that was never fun…LOVE this photo.

  4. Those haystacks look like gigantic tennis balls. So, Sean is a teeny tiny superhero, leaping hairy tennis balls in a single bound even though his cape is torn and at the Hero Factory for repair. The lazer stripes on his pants help his buoyancy. and the MagnetoBounce boots assure accuracy at every jump.

    Lovely, lovely. I want to be six again.

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