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Thanksgiving 2009 Recap

In Texas, Thanksgiving weather is anyone’s guess.  There have been some years that we had ice and sleet and other years that were warm enough to go swimming.  This year it was about 70 and sunny and intensely beautiful.

Here’s what I will remember of Thanksgiving 2009:

– Hanging out at Cousin Jimmy’s place in the country, where we


trekked through a winding creekbed and then a pasture of needle grass with Sean playing the part of Bear Grylls and me playing the part of the woman who carries all the cool rocks and leaves that he found along the way.  I wonder if Bear’s mom had to carry all the rocks.  We also found some dinosaur bones which look remarkably like cow bones.  I refused to carry the cow dinosaur bones.  That’s where I draw the line.


– Watching Sean toss bread to 30-pound catfish. The fish would silently rise from the murky depths like a shark, devour an entire piece of bread in one bite and then disappear into the dark.  I did not squeal even one time.  I have pictures of the Amazon catfish but they are terribly unattractive creatures.


– And my favorite memory of all, watching Sean sit in the same chair with Aunt Jean showing her how to play a game on my iTouch.

* * *

Things I Won’t Remember about Thanksgiving 2009:

– Who won the football game.

– The parade floats.

– That I made the dessert and left it at home.

So then, how was your Thanksgiving?  Tell me one thing you will remember and one thing you won’t.

51 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2009 Recap

  1. Will Remember: Walking through the pasture & woods (sound familiar?) with my 7 year old & my 86 year old mom.

    Won’t Remember: Half the family not making it to the meal because of a medical issue with my nephew.

  2. will remember – two 12 year old girl cousins with patience enough to go around for my little ones

    won’t remember – the 70% off deal that took two of our party away early.

  3. The Thanksgiving of 2009 will forever be remembered for the unexpected news we received just before…my mom’s breast cancer is non-invasive…no more chemo, no radiation. As for what I won’t remember…heck, I’ve already forgotten!

  4. Will remember: My husband’s blessing as we sat at a makeshift table with sons, grandchildren and all in-laws present and accounted for. Spouse concentrated on ‘what is rich’ and thanked God that we were because of who was around our table.

    Will (try) not to remember: Partitioning the remaining homemade coffee-chocolate cheesecake in halves to send one portion home with son with in-laws in residence. Put it on a paper plate. It slid onto the floor, my slacks, and my shoes. Much hilarity ensued and my half of the cheesecake went home with the relatives.

    Personally, I think God was looking out for my hips and thighs because I would have eaten the other half and I don’t need to do that.

  5. I will remember my little girl being loved on by her great aunt and the image of this same aunt being surrounded by stuffed animals. I’ll also remember the “skating concert” my daughter put on (skating with socks on a wood floor) while my husband’s cousin played piano renditions of The Sounds of Music. And the guest performances from all the members of the family (who stepped onto “the ice” and became childlike again for a brief moment). Thanks for helping us remember and honor the beautiful times!

  6. Sounds lovely. But the good thing about forgetting dessert? Breakfast the next day! Yesterday I was teaching a lesson for church and wanted to bring a beautiful large picture of Jesus for the table. But . . . I forgot. I remembered when we were almost there. My kids said, mom you don’t need a picture of Jesus, they know what He looks like. And you know what? They were right, because the people I was going to teach act just like him. So forgetting isn’t all bad, right?

  7. I will remember spending a wonderful day/delicious meal with my husband’s family. I, too, will not remember who won the game. What game?

  8. Spending Saturday with my 95-year-old grandmother, watching her interact and enjoy her great-grandchildren, talking quilting with her, and enjoying her presence. Both of my parents are gone, so my grandmother is my last connection to “home.” I love her dearly. I love how she loves my husband and my kids.

  9. I will look back on Thanksgiving 2009 and fondly remember it as the one where we sprang “Grandpa” (my 90-year old stepdad) out of rehab with a day pass and watched his face light up with pure, unadulterated joy when he found out he was going to get to spend the day surrounded by his family instead of nurses and doctors.

    All the rest is gravy.

  10. I will remember that it was the first Thanksgiving with my fiance, in my new house that smelled of paint and we slept on the floor. Also that I let my dog of 12 years sleep with us for the first time ever in her life. She usually sleeps in the kennel.

    I won’t remember that his married sister stayed out all night and didn’t call anyone to tell them where she was causing intense drama. She never fails to deliver. But I won’t remember because it is just not worth it.

  11. I will remember getting to host Thanksgiving for the very first time in my very first house and cooking nearly everything from scratch and having a fabulous time doing it.

    I will remember being blessed with 4 generations of my family and my in-laws under one roof.

    I will remember my mother in-law working tirelessly by my side, without complaint, or even a little suggestion of how things should be done, as I tried to get everything together the day before. I will remember that as the first time (in almost 5 years) that we have spent so much time together without one of doing/saying something stupid to the other.

    I will always remember the hour-long phone call from my 93 year old childhood neighbor, thanking my for the meal I sent home to her because she was too sick to come to our house.

    I will remember this as the most meaningful Thanksgiving ever, as I had the opportunity to serve those who have served me my entire life.

    I will not remember the weekend I spent on the couch with a cold or the terrible pain I had in my hip and leg from falling the Sunday before and somehow irritating my sciatic nerve. AND I WILL CERTAINLY NOT REMEMBER FEELING INCREDIBLY OOOOOLD because my sciatic nerve was bothering me…lol

  12. I will remember sitting around a too small family with family I don’t get to see enough.

    I won’t remember the 9 hour drive the day before to get there.

  13. I will remember being at my sister-in-laws’ and enjoying not SO much drama.
    I will remember the complements I got from making the Pumpkin dessert I found here.:)(even if I added too much cinnamon..)

    I will not remember that I ended up having an arguement with my brother via email over a blog post…
    I will not remember that I forgot to take any pictures of our Thanksgiving…
    I will not remember that having a head cold all during this weekend made enjoying the food HARD!

  14. Will remember… watching my husband putting a gingerbread house together with our daughter and niece. So cute! : )

    Won’t remember… the long drive to get there! LOL

  15. I will remember the unusually mild and pleasant weather (for Chicago anyway) that made traveling so much easier.

    I will remember the family sitting around the living room after the meal, sharing stories and laughing.

    I will remember how pleased my mother-in-law was when I was able to help her with a project on the computer.

    I will NOT remember having to go to an out of state doctor that our insurance will not cover because my sinus infection took a turn for the worse.

    I will not remember my head exploding due to said sinus infection and the pressure changing in the airplane on decent.

  16. Love Thanksgiving!

    I will remember the absolutely beautiful weather that could not have been better on Thanksgiving Day. Perfect for four-wheeling, evening bonfire, skeet shooting, and other awesome outdoor activities over the weekend with family.

    I will not remember my gummy lasagne noodles.

  17. I will remember that my parents had to leave Thanksgiving morning to go home to take care of thier very old and very sick dog. I won’t remember… I can’t remember.

  18. I will remember how quiet and happy and perfect the day was, with just us. I will remember choosing a live chicken and watching it get killed and plucked. 😉
    I won’t remember how sad I was beforehand, feeling left out and unloved because we weren’t invited to celebrate with the other Americans.

  19. I will remember my 87 year old dad sitting at the head of the table and my 75 year old mom with Alzheimers sitting at the other end and 20 of crammed in between them.

    I will not remember my favorite dish (stuffing) was dry and not tasty.

  20. Beautiful memories, lapses, and pix, as ever! Thanx for sharing 🙂

    I will remember the joy of two 5yo’s who love their family, their home and life so intensely! I choose to forget the poor family interactions, the long drive, and the fact that we saw no snow!

    Christmas magic abounds here – hope it does there as well!

  21. Don’t feel bad about the dessert, I have made an entire pumpkin pie from scratch only to drop it in my dad’s front yard upon arrival. Thanksgiving was wonderful we were only supposed to have six and we ended up with 11. And we even had leftovers to boot!

  22. I will remember: My in-laws sitting and listening in awe as my boy played his sax for them.

    I won’t remember (or at least I’m trying to forget) how grouchy my sister-in-law (the host) was and how she snapped, “Just stay out of my way!” when I offered to help.


  23. I will remember sitting at the table after the Thanksgiving dinner was finished, listening to my mother-in-law describe what Christmas was like when she was a girl, while my 6-year-old and 10-year-old girls listened.

    I will not remember that I messed up the green beans. I hope no one else remembers, either!!

  24. I will remember how the family (much older cousins and aunt/uncle) played Wii endlessly with our 5 1/2 year old little boy. He had such a wonderful time !!!

    I won’t remember that my husband accidentally turned off the oven after he took out the turkey (and we didn’t realize it right away). Dinner was an hour late because we had to wait for the oven to heat up again before we could cook other things in the oven. Better late than never !!!

    It was a good day !!!

  25. I will remember our first thanksgiving with our first grand-baby – rocking her in the same chair my grandmother rocked me – that my mother rocked me, that I rocked my babies….

    I will remember my first thankgiving withour my dad. He went home to be with Jesus a few months ago. My mother – went many years ago. They are saving me a place at that table of thankgiving.

    I will not remember the apple dumplings I forgot to make.

  26. I’ll remember the fabulous food we all brought to my brother-in-law’s soon to be seafood restaurant. Adorable turkey and autumn leaf cupcakes that I had a blast making with my daughter-in-law and very likely my father-in-law’s last Thanksgiving. Good times!
    I would remember who won the game but none of our teams were playing..lol!

  27. One thing I’ll remember is seeing the wonder on my kids’ faces as they watched the Macy’s parade, and that for the first time in years, I got to watch it with them.

    One thing I won’t remember – that I forgot to put out the cranberry sauce.

  28. I will remember our dear grandson announcing his engagement and upcoming wedding.

    I won’t remember, darn already I can’t remember it 😉

  29. I’ll remember the faces of my three beautiful daughters sitting across the table from my husband and myself at a restaurant in the city. They were all smiling and beautiful.

    I will try to forget that just minutes later my husband got sick and that one of my girls did too–as soon as we got home.

  30. Will remember son showing off new girlfriend to rest of family (and secretly telling me later that she was The One…)
    Will try to forget the bittersweetness of my first Thanksgiving without my husband. Sure did miss him that day…

  31. Bad: Husband in the hospital with pneumonia. It was awful!

    Good: Your recipe for pumpkin cake. It was stellar!

  32. I’ll remember the engagement announcement of my youngest daughter!!

    I’ll forget the football game!!

  33. I’ll remember everyone signing the dessert table tablecloth, a tradition for years with now passed relatives signatures. It’s pretty full and we really need another.

    Won’t remember the dog receiving way too many leftovers and… 😀

  34. I will remember that my sister went out of her way to make kosher/vegetarian food to take to my brother’s house so that my daughter would have something special to eat.

    I won’t remember that my other brother said something that bothered my sister (or maybe I will remember it).

  35. I will remember:

    Playing cards with my kids and whooping them! ;o)

    I will not remember:

    Spending all day cooking a Thanksgiving dinner only to hear my daughter say “Mom, next year let’s just get pizza…. we don’t really like any of this”.

  36. I will remember, even though I wasn’t with him, that it was my newest grandson Isaiah’s first Thanksgiving with his new family, just two weeks after arriving HOME from Uganda.

    I won’t remember that I didn’t have time to make homemade pies because of my icky work schedule, so had to bring ones I bought.

  37. I will remember that it was my newest grandson Isaiah’s first Thanksgiving in America with his new family, just two weeks after arriving HOME from Uganda.

    I wont remember that I regretted bringing store-bought pies, rather than homemade ones, because of my yucky work schedule.

  38. I will remember watching my husband spend 2 hours on the floor with the boys playing Lego wars.

    I will not remember the cranberry relish dish that I left on the counter at home (you’re not alone).

  39. I loved the way you did this, so I wrote a few things on my blog to remember the moments as well. But a few that I will remember:

    –Brennan’s smile on Thanksgiving morning
    –time of sharing as a family
    –the way my hubby’s sister made us all feel so welcomed

    not remembering:
    –my bad attitude the night after Thanksgiving in the city 😉

    It was a great Thanksgiving!

  40. I will forever & ever remember Thanksgiving Day 2009 as the day God brought my husband SAFELY HOME from a year-long deployment to Iraq!!!

    I will very likely forget everything else in the whole wide world.

  41. I will remember two of my three year old grandchildren play ball with their Dads and Poppa. I won’t remember, well I don’t know, it was a good day all around.

  42. I’ll remember that I left the turkey sitting in the cold water bath too long. The turkey was thawed and the water was warm. I ran to the grocery store to get a fresh turkey, but could not bring myself to spend $52.00 for a fresh one. My dear husband got up every hour to change the water on the new frozen turkey I bought instead. I will remember that the Broncos won the game!
    I won’t remember that I forgot to take one of the desserts out of the frig. for lunch. We were so thrilled to find it for supper!

  43. I will never forget the “turkey incident”, in which my friend decided to help her hubby out by basting the bird for him, as he was outside dealing with plumbers and an emergency – broken water pipe in the guest house (where we were staying!). She opened the oven and pulled the pan out a little ways to reach the whole bird, and it literally FLEW out on top of her and continued on to the floor! One of the legs broke off and all the yummy juices splattered on everything within a 6-foot radius. I heard the crash and screaming and I went in and found her doubled over, gasping and covering her mouth. Of course two seconds later we were laughing hysterically and taking pictures of it for the blog! And when her hubby came in and saw it, he immediately made himself a double martini and went back outside, so that made us laugh even harder.

    I will not remember that it was the weekend of Tiger Woods and the White House crashers.

  44. We, too, were in Texas for Thanksgiving. We flew to San Antonio to visit some dear friends who moved away last June.

    I will remember watching my kids having so much fun playing with their best friends who moved away. I will also remember the hugs and tears between 3 boys and 1 little girl – ages 9, 9, 8, and 6 – as they had to say goodbye. (sorry I broke the rules and told 2 things – but that’s just how I am)

    I will not remember the uncomfortable hotel beds hubby and I slept in while our kids enjoyed sleepover after sleepover with their friends.

  45. I hope you don’t mind but I linked to this post. I finally got my turkey incident documented! 🙂

    * * *
    Here’s the link – terribly funny, although smashed hot turkey on the floor looks sort of disgusting! 🙂

  46. Will remember to never say “Don’t go to the trouble of making macaroni and cheese from scratch, only the kids will eat it.”

    I will not remember to make the sausage balls ahead of time, like I always say I’m going to do…

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