Snips And Snails

Never Dull

The other day Sean and I had a couple of errands to run.  It was an ugly sort of day, a day much better suited for staying home, but we had some things that had to be done, so off we went. As we were driving along, we made up a game to see how many words we could come up with to describe the day. I started with the obvious, “Damp.” “Gray,” he countered. It was true. It was a monochrome day, gray from ground to sky. “Cold,” I added. “Still,” he said slowly.  The…

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Having Myself A Merry Little Christmas

I am just popping in to say hello and season’s greetings and merry Christmas and all that good stuff.  I hope your holidays have been bright thus far. We have had a Norman Rockwellian sort of Christmas here at the House of Antique. We had a lovely snowfall on Christmas eve and even built a snowman.  We have had company and baked cookies and sang carols and thoroughly enjoyed the sparkle and light a six-year-old brings to the season. I got a robe for Christmas, not a Rob as I was led to believe. Guess I’ll…

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Parenting Gone Awry, Silliness

Flailing Not Failing

Sean was born six weeks early and spent the first week of his life in the NICU.  He was teeny tiny, but was never in any danger, other than being sent home to live with two clueless people. Before we left the hospital, the nurse showed me the proper way to wrap my baby in a blanket. She stressed the importance of keeping his arms tucked in tight at all times. She said he was used to be being curled up in the confines of my womb and he would prefer being swaddled.  She said that…

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Christmas, Reruns and Leftovers

Fake And Sparkly – Still Not A Bad Thing

This post is from last December.  It is still applicable. * * * One day last week, Sean and I spent the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations.  I used to really enjoy decking the halls, but I have come to a point in life where it seems to be more work than fun. As I root through box after box of stuff, I wonder if hanging fake glittery stuff on a fake tree only to be removed and boxed up again in 30 days is a good use of my time and energy, both of which…

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Photography & Photoshop

More Fun With Photoshop

As I mentioned in a previous post, last Sunday our church held its Chritmas gathering and one of the big draws was a visit from Santa and the Mrs. As you can see below, they had a lovely winter vignette set up with a sleigh and trees and gifts and all that festive good stuff. They also had a real photographer.  But that didn’t stop me from standing off to the side and capturing the cruddy photo you see below. But!  As always, my trusty Photoshop came to the rescue! Basically this photo stinks. I’m too…

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Christmas, Snips And Snails, Sometimes Sweet

The Christmas Bonus

One of the things I miss the most about having a toddler around the house is the spontaneous and exuberant affection. As a toddler, Sean was given to fits of passion.  Without warning, his teeny tiny heart would seemingly erupt with unrestrained and irrational love.  All that slobbery affection had to go somewhere and I was his favorite target. I miss the days when he would stand in my lap, giggling and bouncing on fat little legs.  I miss how he would wrap his ams around my head and gnaw on my face.  I miss the…

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Christmas, Snips And Snails

Brown Paper

About 20 years ago, someone gave me a big roll of brown paper.  I lugged it home thinking I could do something artsy with it, although I had no idea what. So I stuck it in the back of the closet until such time as an idea came to me.  And there it stayed for about 10 years until I moved and stashed it in the back of yet another closet for another ten years.  Then I had a child.  And an idea.  And the brown paper was finally put to use. About once a week,…

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Always Real, Christmas, Snips And Snails

On Being Brave

Sunday night, the church we attend held its annual Christmas get-together where the children sing Christmas songs and have their picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  So we donned our gay apparel and off we went. Sean had been looking forward to going because he knew that Santa would be there and he wanted to make sure Santa knows that he wants a bow and arrow for Christmas.  He doesn’t really believe in Santa, but Sean is the kind of guy who likes to cover his bases. At the same time, he was not looking…

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Antique Daddy, Makes Me Sigh

My Father’s Book

By Antique Daddy Earlier in the year, I found myself standing before a bookcase where I noticed the two-volume series The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah.  These books had belonged to my father, a preacher, and then later my oldest brother, also a preacher. My father was thrown from a horse and killed when I was eleven.  Six years later when I was 17, my oldest brother was killed in a motorcycle accident.  He was only 27 and left behind his pregnant wife and unborn child.  The loss of these two men who never…

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