Christmas, Snips And Snails

Not So Secret Santa

So mom, do you know what you’re getting for Christmas?

I’m getting something for Christmas!? Wow, I’m so excited!

Do you know what it is?

No, I have no idea.


I don’t want to guess.

Just guess.

Okay……. I have no idea.

Want me to give you a hint?

No, I think I’d like to be surprised.

Okay I’ll give you just one hint.

No really I think I’d like to be surprised.

Okay, it’s something that you wear.

Something that you wear.  Hmmm…. Deodorant?




Um, I have no idea.

Okay, here’s another hint.

I don’t want another hint, I want to be surprised.

You wear it in the morning.

It starts with R.

And it also has an O and a B in it.

R. O. B.  I’m getting a Rob! Awesome! I hope he’s cute and can run errands for me.

24 thoughts on “Not So Secret Santa

  1. When my daughter was six she told me that she had gotten me a Christmas gift that was red and hangs from my shoulder. She was really proud she hadn’t spilled the beans, and I still have the red purse.

    I really need a six year old in the house again. They are so magical.

  2. LOL my mom had me order my present from them because she is scared to use her credit card on her computer(what makes using it safer on MY computer I have no clue). So it arrived yesterday and I was checking it out @ the bus stop waiting for the kiddos to get home.
    6 spotted it immediately and wanted to know if it was his. I said no, its mine from Nana.
    ” MOM you SNUCKED on your present? Santa’s going to take it back!!”
    maybe they do hear me now and then.

  3. My mom tells a story of a certain 6 year old who told her daddy that she couldn’t tell him what his present was, but “he could put his feet on it!” Yes, my dad liked his Christmas footstool.

  4. When I was 2, my dad bought my mom a watch, told me, and swore me to secrecy. (What was he thinking?)

    But I was a good little secret keeper. I wanted my mom to guess what it was, but I wasn’t going to tell her!

    Afraid that if she guessed right, I might tell, she guessed crazy things she knew weren’t right. A washing machine. A new car.

    After several incorrect guesses, I said oh so earnestly, “Whatever you do, Mommy, don’t guess watch.”

  5. as I wipe the coffee off the screeen, this post makes me remember —
    In our family, I would know all of the secret gifts in the house, but everyone would tickle me and then I would tell the secrets–It was also my job to wrap ALL the presents, even my own! Then one year there was a really long tube shaped present that was heavy… it was for me– My parents’ took the empty carpet tube and put a lousey umbrella in it!
    I wonder if I can convince my kids that I am getting a maid…if you convince them it will come?

  6. I wish I was getting a Rob. Maybe he could clean my toilets and do all my laundry.

    My boy always tries to tell me what I’m getting for Christmas. He is so persistent with his surprise spoiling plot that I have started telling him that I will return one of his gifts if he doesn’t stop. It works every time.

  7. He’s so excited to give you something! That is the spirit of Christmas right there. When you open your present, you can say “Oh, Rob!” (ala Laura Petrie). Ha.

  8. Keep practicing that “surprised” face! Maybe it’s really a robot that you put (switch) on in the morning! No?

  9. that’s awesome.

    when we were kids, my dad took us shopping for a gift for our mom. we picked out jelly belly jelly beans, one of her favorite treats. my youngest sister, then five, was coached on the importance of secrecy and still ran into the house gleefully asking, “mommy, can i have all the pu-ple ones?”

  10. My girls had the hardest time keeping my present secret when they were young. My mother STILL can’t keep secrets, and she wants to give you the gift the day she buys it!

  11. How fun! I don’t know that I really need a Rob…I’ve got enough mouths to feed and enough laundry to take care of with the people I either birthed or married in the house!!

    My husband likes to tell the story about when he was 6 or so and they got his mom a ceiling fan. He begged and begged to give a hint and they finally let them. He said, “It hangs from the ceiling and goes ’round and ’round!” He was so proud of himself and thought it was a great clue!!

  12. we have the opposite thing happen at our house. My mom does all the Christmas shopping, so when it’s time to open presents my Dad always leans over and goes, “So what did I get you?” I should try the hint thing with him.

  13. I sometimes wear my rob at befist. Befist is the first meal of the day. And also a word on the new Disney princess dry erase board on which my daughter is trying out her writing.

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