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Glow Stick Gone Awry

One of the things that Sean got in his Christmas stocking from his Memaw was this sort of glow stick gone wild. It’s three glow sticks on a battery-powered stick that spins like a fan when you push the button.

So the two of us, being the odd, offbeat, creative types that we are, decided to see what would happen if we went into a dark room and took some pictures.

We got some very interesting images.  Here are a few of them.





Life is short.  Take a lot of pictures.

35 thoughts on “Glow Stick Gone Awry

  1. So cool! You guys might like the Crayola Glow Station. My 15-year-old artist daughter asked for it for Christmas even though it’s really for little kids. She loves it!

  2. I’m pretty sure you twitpic’ed the heart one. (BTW, how does one spell “twitpic’ed”?) Loved it. Fabulous. Need our own!

    * * *
    Yes indeed, I did Twitpic that one! :- )

  3. Those pictures are so cool and I bet the glow stick is even cooler!!! What you said about taking lots of pictures is so true, I’m going though all of ours now to find pictures of my son for his h.s. yearbook, he will be graduating this year, and even though we have some good pictures, I wish we had even more, they are so much fun to look at and remember all the occasions and phases of life!!!

  4. What fun pictures!
    During this “snow week” off of work, I’ve been sorting through alllll my pictures from high school and college (pre-digital days). It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun; you remind me again that “life is short” and I’m so glad I have the pictorial proof of having lived it 🙂

  5. Life gives us few moments to remember…you two made a wonderful memory..and I thought these pics were awesome!!! God Bless…hugs Ora in KY

  6. awesome pics…wonderful times…memories are the best…and you two made a great one today!!! hugs from Ora in KY

  7. Whoa… having a flashback to the 70’s with number 3 there. My mom used to do a lot of tie-dye for us. Even after it was popular.

    Great pictures! What a lot of fun.

  8. Love it.
    My kids love glow-sticks. We need to get one of those battery powered things for an upcoming birthday!
    I never thought to take pictures when we play. Too busy keeping a three year old from eating his glowstick.
    FYI, if a 3 year old bites open a glow stick it is not toxic, but will cause their mouth to glow. Not that I know THAT from experience or anything.

  9. Oh, Happy Geek, you are not the only one! In fact, I was dumb enough to let mine keep a glow stick in bed, like a night light, and checked later to find both her mouth and half her blanket glowing. Oops!

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