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January Garden

In my garden right now, all the seasons of life are happening and all at the same time.  Some things are just beginning life, other things are in the bright sweet middle spot in the life cycle and other things are all but played out.


A tender hydrangea bud promises of beautiful things to come in the months ahead.


Plump winter berries provide a vivid spot of red in a gray January winterscape.


Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, nor snow… shall cause this stubborn leaf to loosen its grip.  This is the only leaf left on my Japanese Maple.  I have to admire its persistence.

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There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

22 thoughts on “January Garden

  1. Beautiful! I miss some of the berry-bearing bushes we had at our old house…may need to go dig them up before it sells 🙂 Enjoy all your seasons!

  2. Beautiful. Oh the colors!

    Everything here is a dismal gray. I was just talking with a friend today about the grayness of it all.

    But then we remembered how beautiful we have it in spring…and summer…and fall. We just have to get through these few months of dingy gray!

  3. Such a lovely reminder that Spring will get to my neck of the woods eventually. For now its just ice and snow and more ice. *sigh* Thanks for the post. Loved it!

  4. Yeah, us too:)

    If you substitute dead grass for the leaf, icicles for the hydrangea bud and snowdrifts for the berries. Otherwise, exactly the same.

    LOVE your pics.

  5. You made me stop and look around. I had no idea we still had color around here. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the view!

  6. Wow, that is wonderful. We are still “enjoying” being coated in white here in Minnesota. I can’t complain though because winter arrived late and I had some purple (um, didn’t retain the name in my brain) flowers still blooming in my front flower bed on December first. I made sure to photograph them as that doesn’t happen often. Your photos would make an awesome collage type photo!

  7. Have just stumbled across your blog – I do like your writing style.

    Gosh, I wish I were as “antique” as you. You’re in your prime. (Though I admit I was younger than you when I had a five-year-old.)

  8. I am going to check out my hydrangea bush LOL…to see if I have any buds…don’t think so…but with the warmer temps and the rain…there just might be some…so I will pile on a bit more mulch to keep their toesies warm…cause the worst if yet to come I am afraid…love your entries…hugs from Oran in Kentucky

  9. Lovely pictures! And I’m jealous.

    For the last few weeks I have just been so DOWN and critical of myself. Really in a funk. Some sort of spiritual attack? Latent depression? What?

    In talking with my amazing husband last night, he mentioned that perhaps I’ve just got those mid-winter blues. It’s been miserable up here in Ontario. Nothing is growing, no buds. But we haven’t had any snow either. It’s just brown and grey and blah. Today’s the first day the sun has been out in weeks it seems.

    It felt so much better to think that perhaps the reason I’m down is just the weather! Many of us up here do get down in winter. But if I can’t have your buds, I’d settle for a nice, gentle snowfall followed by a lovely sunny day.

    I hope God’s listening!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  10. The maple leaf that won’t give up reminds me of a favorite childrens book explaining death, ‘The Fall of Freddie the Leaf’ Freddie was afraid to fall but when he finally did, he floated to the ground and it wasn’t as scray as he thought. Great book for kids…;-)

  11. You have such a gift for capturing beauty. Actually, you have a talent for capturing it, noticing and recognizing beauty is the gift.

    I’m having remorse over finding bulbs in my storage that I had intended to plant in the Fall. I’ll surely miss their happy faces this Spring. Oh well, there’s always next year! Fall will be here before I can complain about the Summer….I live in Kansas. 🙂

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