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  1. Woo hoo! Although, I must warn you, this is when they start changing from a little boy into a big boy. And both are amazing.

    * * *
    Oh I know. Not too long ago I realized that I could no longer buy him stuff from the babies and toddlers department – he’s skinny enough for 4T but entirely too tall given that capri pants are not a good look for a 6YO boy. I had to move across the aisle to BOYS! Aaaack!

  2. Very cool! This is so fun. My eight year old just lost another a couple of days ago.

    * * *
    Since you are experienced in such matters, what am I supposed to do with all these baby teeth that are going to fall out? I’ve kept the first one, but I’m trying to imagine having a complete set in a box somewhere. Partly sentimental and partly — eeeeew.

  3. My youngest just lost his first tooth too. He actually looks a lot like Sean, now that I think about it…

    I keep all lost teeth in a hidden compartment in my jewelry box. Didn’t plan on it that way but every once in awhile I sit down with the boys and we talk about them and how far the oldest has come since loosing his first tooth…he’s moved on to molars now. My youngest was more excited to FINALLY be able to put one of his teeth in the box. 😉

  4. Forget the ewww part and treasure them…eventually they crumble into dust and suddenly you have a jewelry box full of mysterious white powder. (So you might want to keep them in a ziploc or something…depending on how much you like powdered jewelry).

    My grandfather was a dental technician, and he made tiny molds of our mouths when we were kids. Then he would “buy” the tooth from the tooth fairy so that we could compare it to our little plaster molds. We always thought that was really cool.

    (Suddenly it dawns on me that most people wouldn’t have plaster molds of their own baby teeth. Does that make me weird? Because that might explain a lot).

  5. Yuppers…little boys do grow to be big boys..and losing their teeth is just another step along the road of life..brush alot Sean cause that tooth is going to be around for a long long time!!! God Bless…

  6. I have kept all my kid’s teeth so far- not sure what I’ll do with them but….I just can’t throw them away!


  7. A precious growing boy, he is! We’re still in the teething phase around here where we can’t wait for all of them to come in. I didn’t think about how kids could be excited about losing their teeth as a sign of getting older. It obviously escaped my memory. 🙂 How exciting!

  8. Terrific photo of a special time.

    Enjoy every moment. They grow up so fast!

    Seems like only yesterday, I was pushing my two daughters on their swing set.

    Now, ones in college, the other in high school.


  9. Aww. So sweet. We have a wobbly one but so far none lost. I will cry on that day. 🙁 (PS When my mom died I got her jewelry box, and all of my baby teeth were there in it. My brother’s too, but for some reason he didn’t want them back…!)

  10. That Other Kid is sooooooo anxious for his first loose tooth!! He keeps brushing them and asking me “is it loose yet?” What a great milestone!! I kept the first few of That Kid’s but lost track and lost most of them. Bad mommy :((!

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