16 thoughts on “Leap

  1. Oh man, are you guys seriously wearing shorts? Our high today was 14 . . . and it snowed. But the 6 months it’s not snowing here are pretty nice . . .

    * * *
    No, this picture was from last summer. Because its so yucky outside, it’s a good time to stay inside and play with Photoshop!

  2. We are in the market for a new camera. What do you recommend. I remember when you got yours. Any info will help.

    * * *
    I had a Canon EOS Rebel 35mm back in the day and I loved it, it took great pictures. I now have a Nikon D80 and I love it. Deeply. Can’t go wrong either way. I looked at both before I bought this one and the Nikon just felt better in my hands.

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