22 thoughts on “Peacock

  1. Fabulous picture.

    I’ve got a fridge magnet, which is a picture very like this one, and the caption reads “Does my butt look big in this?”

  2. Was this at a zoo or in your neighbor hood? They are such beautiful animals.

    * * *

    That peacock lives at the Dickerson Zoo in Springfield, Missouri.

  3. My sister=in=law’s mother raised peacocks and they are beautiful and their cry is loud and awesome even hair raising. Her mother has every feather from every bird she has ever had stored.

  4. I love peacocks! I keep saying I want to have some on my hobby farm when I get it and all I ever hear from people are negatives about them and my response is always, “Yes, but they are so beautiful.” Mmmm, wonder if I’ll ever get any? I sure hope so.

  5. Very pretty–reminds me of once when I was high-school age and a peacock sauntered into our front yard in the suburbs, near a busy street. It was the strangest experience to see such an exotic-looking bird there…almost as surreal as if it were a giraffe or elephant.

    * * *

    And you without your camera. That’s how it always goes for me!

    I have a similar story. We came home one night from somewhere, it was dusk, and as we pulled up the driveway the headlights from the car shone upon some sort of very large bird running across our backyard with crazy long legs and huge wings. It looked like something pre-historic. It flew up and over the fence and then continued running down the jogging trail.

    Very. Weird. And unforgettable.

    Oddly enough, Fifi, our toy poodle, was never seen again.

    I just made that last line up.

  6. I pulled up into our driveway last year and saw a roadrunner standing on the sidewalk. I stopped in the driveway to just watch him. He was obviously lost – we are far from the “wild” where he might run through the brush. He stuck around on the front yard long enough for me to get Mr FF off the couch to look at him.

    I kept watching for acme brick truck and a coyote.

    Gorgeous photo, AM. Lovely. Simply lovely.

  7. Beautiful! I have always loved peacocks. My grandmother had some on her farm and I would just sit on the front porch and watch them walk around and open and close their feathers.

    Thanks for a pleasant reminder about my grandmother. I don’t have too many of those…

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