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This was the view out my front door last night around 6pm.  Just as the sun began to set, a rain storm rumbled through leaving behind this rainbow ~ a nice way to end the day.

17 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. we were at school for open house, and saw this through the window, and stood there in awe…it was so gorgeous for a fleeting moment….

  2. God’s grace is stunning in its whimsy. You captured this beauty in the five- second opening of opportunity. You were blessed and passed that blessing on to us.

    Thank you.

  3. I saw this same rainbow the other day! At one point it was a really bright double rainbow. I always wonder if that’s God’s way of putting an exclamation point at the end of His Promise. 🙂

    Stunning, wasn’t it?

  4. BEAUTIFUL! That’s one thing I want to catch someday is a rainbow. Arizona is very conservative with rainbows. You don’t see that many.

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