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Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break and I was doing springy breaky things, like wandering around East Texas  taking advantage of the hospitality of nice people who are willing to take in a family of three, one of whom is always pointing her annoying camera at something or somebody.

Our first stop was my friend Amy’s lake house where we stayed for a couple of days just hanging out and eating Oreo’s and watching the children do dangerous things. Don’t ask. There was fire and fish hooks. That’s all I’m saying.


The weather was lovely and sunny and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen prettier clouds or bluer skies. The Dogwoods are in bloom. I think they are Dogwoods.  They could be Red Buds, but then shouldn’t their buds be, you know, red? Anyone?


This a bloom off a lace magnolia tree.  At least that is what Amy says and I think she asked someone, so it must be true.  These big showy flowers grow on spindly skinny little limbs and from a distance, it almost appears as they are floating in mid-air.


This is the view from the porch at the lake house early in the morning. Amy and I got up early to sit outside and drink coffee and watch the sun come up over the water. AD doesn’t get up early or drink coffee and that is the only thing missing in my marriage.  I might ask Amy to marry me.

After we wore out our welcome at Amy’s place, we went over to the other side of the lake and hung out with some other folks where Sean had even more children to play with and I had even more things at which to point my camera.


This is Checkers. I asked him if I could put his picture on the internet and he said it was okay. Checkers is a good old dog.


This is a ginormous Sycamore tree, although you can’t really appreciate the scale from this photo. It’s white bark sparkled so pretty in the sun.  I never could figure out a way to capture the grandness of this big old tree.


Here are some carefree children who spent a whole day happily playing in a pile of dirt. Better’en Disney World. And cheaper too.

The next day was the official first day of Spring and it turned freezing cold and snowed.

And that was the end of Spring Break.

22 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. The big pile of dirt looks like it would be even more fun than a pile of sand! Only a really good mother would let her child play in dirt piles!

  2. Lucky us you pointed that annoying camera everywhere. These are lovely and I’m glad you had a great time. That last shot brings back memories of when my cousins, sister and I used to get together and play in Granddaddy FriedOkra’s back yard. It didn’t matter what season we were in, there was always something out there that could be raked into piles and jumped in, or sculpted into a million different places and things.

    We got snow for Spring Day One here too, so we went out and built a gigantic snow bunny in the front yard.

  3. Lovely photos! Spring won’t be that far along here for quite some time — I envy you. (I also envy you the sunrise and early morning coffee!)

    And unlike Karen, I would have said plum rather than crabapple — crabapples generally have proportionately bigger petals, at least in my experience. But yeah, very, very much not dogwood. Dogwoods have four “petals” (actually, they’re not really petals; they’re like the red leaves on poinsettias), and redbuds have little pinky-purple blossoms shaped more like pea blossoms that grow really close to the branches.

  4. Looks like the blossoms I get on my sand cherry. But the bugs got it (I know, ewww) and I have to dig it up this spring, treat the hole and figure out something else to plant there.

    It snowed here on the first day of spring too. LOL! But it was just barely warm enough yesterday to go outside and see the crocuses popping up.

  5. My sister in your area was keeping me updated on the snow–I cannot believe the snow you all got this year! I am so happy Spring is on its way and Daylight Savings time is here! Good to hear from you!

  6. awesome pictures…and kids and a pile of dirt is the right recipe for fun..and like you say…cheap cheap and even cheaper LOL…and that flower…is a crabapple…aren’t they pretty and so delicate!!! what a wonderful “spring break” full of good memories…hugs from Ora in KY

  7. Perfectly marvelous post! Of all those gorgeous photos, the dirt pile is my favorite. We are about to go to the beach and all my son will bring is a big shovel. Well, that, and a bathing suit.

  8. Lovely photos–totally capture the essence of Spring! First photo is definitely not dogwood, and I’m pretty sure the second one is actually called a tulip magnolia.

  9. Gorgeous photos, and I also call the pink one a tulip magnolia – it’s our earliest tree and one of my favorites. I think the first looks a lot like a Hawthorne, which is also an early bloomer that we have – not fruit bearing for us. Looks and sounds like a perfect spring break, especially the dangerous and messy parts 😉 Thanx for sharing!

  10. Beautiful photos!! Looks like everyone had a good time. Don’t you just love times like these. Have an amazing day! Jamie

  11. Don’t you just love flowering trees? My town is getting ready to launch its annual Dogwood festival and I absolutely love seeing all the pinks and whites! The whole area is overrun with dogwood trees, and we’re anxiously awaiting the first blooms to open.

    PS- Fire and fish hook sounds like a fun story. Hoping we get to hear that one too.

  12. That pile of dirt looks like a really cool place to hang out all day – for the kids. For me, I’d prefer the morning on the deck… with coffee!

  13. I’m pretending you took those photos last year and you don’t live in a land where things are blooming already. Because there is snow in the forecast.
    Fishhooks and fire? Awesome:).

  14. I have a redbud tree in my yard and love it. But I have always wondered how it got the name redbud, since it is like others have said, pinkish purpleish.

  15. I think it is a wild plum. We have them everywhere. The dogwoods have unopened blooms this week. They should be out next week. Wanna come back? Dogwoods have a superstition that goes with their blooms. Each of the four petals have a red mark on the end, symbolic of the blood on the four points on the cross. Supposedly the dogwood was the type of wood used for the cross, but now it won’t grow straight enough to make a cross.

  16. Beautiful flowers. Top one not sure about other than it’s not a dogwood as everyone else pointed out. The second is what we called a tulip tree when I lived in Florida, but is called a Japanese magnolia in Alabama. Isn’t it funny how different areas call plants by different names. Whatever you call them they are beautiful creations of God. Thanks for sharing!

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