9 thoughts on “Thee and Thy Shadow

  1. Awesome! Did you know you were getting his shadow or was that a happy surprise?

    * * *

    The shadow was a happy accident, in keeping with the rest of my life…

  2. I envy you and your photography skillzzzzz! I’m so glad you camera didn’t break a few weeks ago or we wouldn’t have this increadable shot. Sean is one lucky dude. The adventures you take him on and allow him to take the chance to fall into the water (shallow water I might add) or just be a kid and get dirty. I love the entire composistion of this photo. His blue eyes just pop!

  3. just curious…what kind of camera do you have??? pictures are just great…and I love shadow pictures…what fun!!! hugs from Ora in KY

    * * *
    Nikon D80.

  4. Nice picture. How do you put your name on the bottom?

    * * *
    I made a brush in Photoshop (which is really more like a stamp than a brush in my opinion) so that I can just “stamp” it onto my pictures, but you could also just use the text feature. Picasa, which is a free photo editing program by Google, also has a text feature as does Photobucket, also free.

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