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Gordon Gecko


I know. It’s probably not a gecko. But I couldn’t think of a cute alliterative name to go with lizard. Larry was just too obvious. Gordon lives on my front porch and eats ants. In exchange for room and board he patiently poses for my camera.

19 thoughts on “Gordon Gecko

  1. He eats ants? Really? And how would he feel about taking a nice trip to Tennessee? Because we have ants. Ants in the yard, ants sneaking into the house, ants throwing all-night keggers in the kitchen and completely ignoring the ant bait we put out. I’m normally not a fan of the scales and the reptilian eyes and all, but 1) he’s cute, 2) he color coordinates with my house, and 3) the ants are driving me out of my ever lovin’ mind.

    Just say the word and I will immediately coordinate travel arrangements via fedex box with air holes punched in the top.

  2. Lloyd is a good name too. Of course, if he were a llama, it would fit even better.

    Great picture!

    * * *
    If I had a llama living on my front porch I’d really have something to blog about!

  3. I love him. I love even more that you were able to capture such a beautiful picture of him.
    I have had one that is an amazing shade of light blue. Your picture makes me miss him. We have not seen him yet this summer.

  4. Re: clever comments. If a blogger is known by her commenters, you have quite a fun gallery here! (Love the picture, too.)

    * * *
    AM readers are the best ever anywhere – always encouraging me and making me laugh. I want to bake them all some cookies.

  5. Are you sure that’s not a picture of Lizzie Lizard? She’s so fashionably dressed in lime green!

  6. I am not really into lizards. . .or even llamas. . .though there IS a llama in a pasture on my way to work. . .either way, your little reptile is a LOVELY shade of green. And the photo? Devine.

  7. That, my friend, is one of my very favorite lizards called a green anole (or I just call them greenies). There is a big fat one living in my neighbor’s tree who makes me happy every time I see him. This one makes me happy too, and now I can look at it whenever I want πŸ™‚ Great picture!

    I just happened across a little gecko tonight on my front porch, and I was thrilled because I thought all of them were wiped out in our freaky freezing Florida winter, but apparently some made it through. Yay for the insect eaters!

  8. Awesome! I would dearly LOVE an ant eating lizard at my house… I would even let him in, since that’s where all the nasty ants are. πŸ™ He’s cute!

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