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Judi’s Garden


Here is one of the approximately 30,537 pictures I took of flowers while I was in California, most of which are in Cousin Judi’s fabulous garden. I learned how to make the frame in Photoshop in a video tutorial at Yanik’s Photo School, which you can see here if you are so inclined.  He has great easy to follow video tutorials and I love the soothing quality of his voice.

10 thoughts on “Judi’s Garden

  1. Your pic made me smile, and i could use a soothing voice right now. $1,000. at the tire shop today and i have a bounce that wasn’t there with my old tires…go figure.

    * * *
    Blech! Poor you! I can think of 1000 things I’d rather spend $1000 on other than tires (rests chin in hand and begins shopping in dream world.)

  2. So pretty. You’d save a lot of batteries if you came up here right now as we have approximately 10 flowers currently blooming. (It’s been an unusually cold Spring)

  3. These are beautiful. I am jealous and want some in my yard. What kind of flowers are they and do they come back every year? Will they grow well in our Illinois weathr?


  4. All God’s flowers are beauties, but the photographer’s skills certainly enhance our enjoyment of them! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful shot! So vibrant and cheery. Hey, thanX for sharing the link to Yanik’s school ~ looks like an eXcellent resource. I’m always delighted to learn new tricks and techniques (and a soothing voice sounds appealing too).

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