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Yosemite Sean


Here’s one of Sean climbing El Capitan. Hoo boy did he take to mountain climbing. I could hardly keep up.  Of course I had to carry the camera, so it was a bit more challenging for me what with my bad knee and all.


Yeah. No, not really. But I did have to carry the camera. And it was heavy.

25 thoughts on “Yosemite Sean

  1. What Meghan said. Now I’ll go lay down with a cool cloth on my head, teehee. I was wondering, how could she be so brave as to let her little man rock climb, where is his safety rope? Then I scrolled

  2. That was a naughty trick young lady! (Hee hee) Very cool effect. May I ask if you’re using PS Elements or CS5?

    * * *
    I’m using CS5. Started out with CS4 a year or so ago and then upgraded when the content aware feature came out. I really love messing with my pictures. 🙂 But I think for most people, Elements has plenty of editing horsepower. And it’s a lot cheaper too.

  3. Holy Smokes !! Do I see a pattern developing here?
    We have record of Sean standing on the oven before he was two yrs old (with no helmet),again in Sept. 2008 (with no helmet), and also riding a bicycle (with no helmet),and now he is mountain climbing (with no helmet)!!
    Do we need an intervention ???

  4. My S-I-L, who works in Television, is getting me CS5…yes, the whole suite! I’m so excited!!! Now to find justification for the Canon EOS as well and I’ll be set.

    I love the jokiness of this photo. Sean has a smile like he knows about it! Just gorgeous.

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