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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Hi everyone! I’m just going to write some stuff down here, not edit or make the words pretty or tie it up nice and neat at the end or that kind of thing, so go ahead right now and lower your expectations. Okay, just a little lower. There.


First, thanks so much to all y’all (Texas to English translation: everyone) who noticed my lengthy absence and sent notes and emails inquiring as to my whereabouts and well-being.  That makes my day.

I am well, thank you very much, and I am here. I’ve been keeping myself busy enjoying this last summer with my favorite six-year-old before 1st grade begins. I have this feeling that we are about to step through a door, into another time and space, and I don’t want to forget what it was like to be here, where it is so wonderfully bright and secure and easy. There’s going to be no coming back and visiting this little hollow in time and that’s a shame.

2006, the summer of three.  Oh how I’d like to book a week’s vacation back to three. I’d pay just about anything for a little more of that.

What exactly have we been doing this summer?  We have been swimming. A lot.  Last year, Sean was still not so crazy about the water, still wanted his water wings and preferred the baby pool, which kinda made me a little crazy. I swam when I was three! How dare he not be like me?! This year, he is a fish. Which confirms my theory on parenting: Don’t over-manage — they will walk/talk/potty train/swim/read when they are darn good and ready. Chill out and enjoy your kid exactly where they are. Everyone will be much happier that way.

We also do some school work every day. There. Now you you can tell your kids that you are in fact not the meanest mom ever, Antique Mommy is. Yes, I know, it’s summer, but here’s my deal: I don’t care.   Because I am just mean like that. After Little Dude completes the math and phonics worksheets I give him (which he secretly enjoys, I’m quite sure) and a little reading, he gets 30 minutes of approved-TV time or Angry Birds time when the sun is nigh and land of Texas miserable. If he does it without complaining, he gets 40 minutes. If he tells me I’m the prettiest mom in town, he gets 45 minutes.

What else? We play a lot of Legos, we cook, me make costumes, we make stuff out of boxes, we read, we swim, we make it up as we go along and then we start over the next day. Boring to some, perhaps, but it’s all the ingredients we need for a magical last summer before we walk through the door to 1st grade, maybe one that we’ll remember and long to visit again some day.

What are you doing with your summer?

42 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  1. I’m a first grade teacher getting ready for … First Grade in August!!!
    Sounds like a perfect summer. Too bad the Texas heat is not giving us a break. Nothing a little swimming can’t cure.

  2. I love how you spell “y’all” correctly. It warms my souther grammar loving heart. Oh, and your charming summer activities are delightful too!

  3. As I go through this summer with my little one, you come to mind frequently as an example of a momma whom I see as one who knows the art of slowing down and enjoying her son, being able to set aside the temptations of other stuff that can lure us in. Seriously, I think of you often. And not to flatter you, but I sincerely admire you as the momma you are to Sean.

    We went to Target today and I was so, so thankful that we were not buying school supplies. So my heart goes out to you as you prepare for first grade, because just imagining it makes my heart ache.

    Thank you for being a momma whom I can look up to and glean from your wisdom as you visit this special hollow of time. Much love to you!

    * * *
    Oh such kind words Meghan, thank you so much.

    Each season brings its own joys; the only sorrow is in leaving it behind. But, for me, that sorrow is made sweet with the excitement of what lies ahead. It’s all good.

    And the smell of new school supplies is intoxicatingly yummy!

  4. We’re did what you’re doing. Just kicked back and enjoyed beautiful, crisp, clear, sunny Australian winter days. Gorgeous weather for parks and hikes. We have just gone back to school. Only three weeks break. My twins start full-time schooling next year. Another adventure that will bring a whole new swag of magic memories!

  5. Part of the advantage to being a first-time mom at a more mature age is the recognition that these moments are fleeting and that in a very few years Sean will be grown and gone and perhaps, expecting a child of his own. So glad you’re not missing out on these special times!

  6. Thank you for the update and encouragement to slow down and enjoy my children. While I look back at pre-first grade wistfully (son starts grad school in the fall in CA / we live in MI and our middle child starts her freshman year of college 2.5 hours away. The baby:) will be in 5th grade!) I am trying to slow down and enjoy this time with them. Every day I think…will this be the last July 18th, 19th, 20th…that all of my children will live at home…I am trying not to suck the joy out of today, while I morn their growing up. (sorry, I don’t write as eloquently as you). I have found that it doesn’t get easier but all of their ages and stages have been wonderful. Even the teen years…so far!

  7. I remember those summers. You are so right to be sopping them up like you are. They will be gone before you know it.

    This one has been far too busy for my taste. We seems to be hopping from one thing to another. And fall is shaping up to be even worse. *sigh*

  8. We are enjoying our own magical summer of three. This being my 47th summer, I’m painfully aware of how fast time flys. If only she could be 3 for just a little while longer.

    Enjoy your boy in this season of your lives!

    * * *
    The Carter’s slogan is absolutely right: If they would just stay little longer….

  9. Oh how I miss the freedom of the summers I had as a kid! I wonder if work would let me have a summer off to play legos and swim?? 🙂

    * * *
    Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all took some time off to play Legos and swim? I think so. 🙂

  10. I have miss you girl! So glad all is well in your world. You are very smart soak this time up with you baby boy. There is something about 1st grade where they do start to pull away just a bit.

    Sean looked adorable in his K cap and gown. Before you know it he will be in his Sr. year cap and gown like my son was this past school year. Now if we can get him to the college graduation then I think we can take a deep breath… well until student loans start hitting us! haha

    Have you taken many pictures on your adventrues? Looking forward to seeing them if you have.

    Hope you stop by again soon.

  11. Oh my, the graduation picture takes my breath away! He will look just like that at HS graduation–just taller! Glad you are enjoying summer! Good to hear from you!

  12. I love it when moms of little ones don’t overschedule their child. I was not one to schedule every day with my kids. We just woke up and let the day take us where it wanted. Sweet sweet memories.

    My red headed boy left yesterday for Marine Corps boot camp. His excitement was palpable so I couldn’t help but be happy for him – another phase – another round of magic, especially when I see him in that uniform at his graduation in October.

    So glad to see this post today. I needed it.

  13. Oh, I would do anything to be able to spend the whole day with my 7 yr. old. First grade was a whole different ball of wax, I must say. We had TONS of homework, and it’s shocking to see that they are learning stuff in first grade that we didn’t learn until middle school. We will have to incorporate more school work into our summer.
    I believe in Virginia, allya’ll is one word. At least that’s how we say it.

  14. I’ve missed you! We’re doing the same things around our house. My oldest starts full-day kindergarten at the local public school in August, and I’m mourning. I know he’s ready, but I’m going to miss days with my boy.

  15. We’re packing! Fun times. And next year, in the American system, we won’t get all these 2 week breaks to be lazy in, so I’m sad about that.
    But I have missed you too, even though I didn’t write to tell you so.

  16. Oh, what a treat it always is to see you pop up in my reader 🙂 Glad the summer is good on ya! We are also taking a slow ride this year….full-day kindergarten was fantastic for everybody, and has made the summer even more special. We’ve even started napping again, so our afternoons are slow and sweet. Love the picture of graduation – so handsome and proud!

  17. YAY! You’re back! I always enjoy my AM and Sean updates. Speaking of! Look how grown up he is in his graduation outfit! (He isn’t even mine and yet I feel like I’ve watched him grow up over the years from reading you blog. Pardon me while I sniff and sing “Sunrise, Sunset” over a child I have never physically met but feel connected to anyway).

    My summer has been full of books. Funny books, serious books, vacation books, “learnin” books, happy books, sad books, and everything in between. There’s nothing better than curling up in my favorite chair with a good book.

  18. I think that you are having a summer full of great memories for Sean and yourself. My son is almost 12 and he is not always wanting to do things with me as much and I would love to go back in time and do what you are doing. You are a great Mom! I really enjoy reading your blog about your adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I was in your shoes last summer…dreading that my only child would be entering first grade. He made it through with flying colors…me I struggled much of the year! I’m so enjoying hanging out with him this summer!
    Glad I found your blog!
    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  20. So glad to see you’re back! You were missed.

    You have your priorities right so never apologize for taking some time away to enjoy your son.


  21. My daughters are 20 and 18 and this will be the first year that they are both away in college. From someone who knows where you’re headed, enjoy the journey and have a fun, relaxing summer with your “little boyfriend”!

  22. I’m 27. My mom has told me many times that she never understood the mothers who complained about and dreaded the summer months when their kids were home. Our summers growing up were much like the one you are having with Sean. That feeling of freedom and also knowing that my mom would never want me to be anywhere but where I was, with her, will always stay with me!

  23. *gulp*

    I am on the precipice of becoming a SAHM to my 1 year old and almost 3 year old. Just a few more weeks and I’ll be giving my notice. To be perfectly honest, I’m terrified! It’s a true leap of faith for me to let the Lord provide financially in my secure “corporate America” gap. (Please, God, protect my old car from breaking down!) But it’s these type of summer activities that I REALLY look forward to. I have very few pleasant childhood memories. I want the total opposite for my boys.

    Thanks for reminding me to slow down. You’ve done that on more than one occasion. I appreciate that!

  24. Welcome back to bloggy-land! So good to hear from you and to hear about your summer dawdlings and adventures. I’m right with you — my 8-year-old daughter and I are soaking up our free time, playing hard (with a little learning tucked in, too). I trust that each day we fully enjoy will always stay with us.

  25. So nice to see a new post at last! Not to make you feel bad in the least—just to let you know that I always look forward to what you have. When I don’t have much time to be online, yours is always the blog I check first! It makes me really happy to think of you and Sean enjoying a lovely summer together. You go ahead and take all the time you need—we’ll be here when you get back! Blessings!

  26. Missed you very much, but thought you must be making memories, taking time with family. Good for you! No grander thing you can do.

  27. You have a very lucky child! He will be so prepared for all of the things that first grade brings!

  28. I didn’t worry about you, because you warned us (very nice of you, BTW) that you’d be only making entries as the mood struck you.

    I’m also not really looking to 1st grade with my daughter. I’ll enjoy more time alone, true, but I’ll miss the just-being-able-to-take-off abd doing what we want in all the time she’s home with me. That’s what childhood SHOULD be!

    Now it’ll start getting all rigidly scheduled and full of homework, bleh.

  29. I’m with Brigitte, I wasn’t worried but am glad you’re back!

    My oldest (son) is going into 1st grade and I too am dreading the homework. But my daughter is starting preschool, so I am going to have twice the activities and paperwork coming home, UGH!!!

    Also, I’ll be all alone every day – I won’t have my shopping buddy anymore. It’s a tug-of-war between anticipating some alone-time and missing them a ton.

    So we’re enjoying our summer as well, having more fun and doing less blogging!

  30. After reading your lovely uncensored post, I have to let you know you are truly so right to have enjoyed this pause in time with Sean. The day your dhild steps on that school bus for the first grade is quickly just a step away from high school graduation. Then I got to the picture and thought of the song….
    I’m on my way, Pack up my pack,
    And if I stay, I won’t come back, How can I go, I haven’t got a dime,
    But, I’m going and I’m gonna have a happy time!
    Those words are so true….these days will never come back, so file them away in your heart and they will always be there to pull up when you are looking at Sean at 22 or 35.

  31. Sounds like the perfect summer. Yes, it goes so so so so fast. My firstborn is in driver’s ed. Can’t believe it even as I type it. Glad you’re cherishing your time with him. Did you decide what to do with school?

  32. Oh the water! A lot of wonderful childhood memories are indeed spent on water. I am glad your son has developed a liking for swimming. My daughter is the same, it took a while before she got ready, and now it’s hard to get her out of the water. lol!

    I agree on how time flies! I also miss those times when my daughter used to be so clingy. Now she’s ready to let go by becoming more independent, and I’m not. Sigh!

  33. Summer is fun time – we play with legos, paint, play with playdough, limited gameboy and tv time, go to the park, swim, zoo, participate in the library reading program to earn coupons for fun field trips, go to pizza hut, school work, cook and eat, create things from the craft box – we plan a week at a time and just have fun!

  34. R2 starts kindergarten and we to have been doing some “homework”. Some days he likes to write and others are a huge fight. But hopefully he will be better prepared when school starts the end of August.

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