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Mouse and Harvest Moon

By ‘The Artist Currently Known As Sean’

In this composition, the artist addresses the tension of post-modern life. Here, he uses loose strokes to invoke a sense of chaotic energy that falsely reads as a peaceful night sky, perhaps a reference to the uncertain economic conditions that are the backdrop to everyday life.

The artist creates a sense of orderliness out of the chaos by containing it in fractionalized spaces which likely symbolizes the sort of compartmentalization of life spaces – dark and light, public and private, internal and external, on-line and off-line. The deliberate use of green in places to depict the night is no doubt a nod to Remington. The brightly lit harvest moon refers to a distant hope, perhaps a statement of faith or perhaps a reference to the fall elections.

The loosely interconnectedness of the vines talk about the condition of modern man and the effect of the internet and modern technology on the human condition; connected at all times but ultimately small and alone, as represented by the mouse which appears to be sliding off the pumpkin.

Washable Markers on Notebook Paper (2010)
Currently on display on his mother’s refrigerator
Available for purchase

35 thoughts on “Mouse and Harvest Moon

  1. So, did you just have to take a class in Art Appreciation, or did you have an entire Liberal Arts curriculum inflicted on you?

    * * *
    Both. Art Speak is my second language. Mockery is my third.

  2. There used to be a magazine called, I think, Spy Magazine, and they ran a feature called “My Kid Could Paint That.” They would have actual children copy famous works of art and then show them to art galleries. Honestly, the gallery curators came up with stuff like this. It was great!

    * * *
    Oh I know! Sometimes the elephant at our local zoo does a painting and it’s as good as some of the stuff I see at the local MOMA.

  3. I bet you wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money!
    Love the picture, love the commentary. Obviously LOTS of talent in the family.

  4. My children’s first grade teacher had her students recreate many of the classics and then displayed them in the hallway. I still have both of my kids’ versions of Starry Night. I think the “movement” in Sean’s sky is similar to that piece.

    I love your review of the piece. It cleared a lot of things up for me.

  5. You realize you could make good money writing up descriptions of other kids’ artwork–for the mommies who can only come up with “Oh, how pretty!”.

  6. Fabulous! Tell me, is it by chance part of a series? Mouse on gourds during quarter moon? Mouse on summer squash in waxing moon phase? Perhaps Happy cat moves into pumpkin patch during eclipse?

  7. You make me laugh!!! I’m sure Sean has so much fun with you now as a little boy, but when he really catches on to your third language…!

  8. So cute, but the commentary…let’s just say that next time Anja makes 18 pages of black colored pencil scribble on printer paper, I will take a closer look. 🙂

  9. When my son was younger he was prolific and become upset that not all of his artwork fit on the refrigerator. I had to place them on the wall in the kitchen, under his supervision, so that everyone who came in could see them. It was some of the best artwork ever hung anywhere!

  10. Hee, love the commentary! My sister has the art background and has made up similar descriptions for my daughter’s art.

    I can’t stand when it’s an actual critic using that overblown language and taking everything so seriously, they’ve certainly turned THIS “peasant” off of modern art! 😉

  11. This is great. Keep it. Artists never become famous in their lifetime. Will it to a great-great grandchild not yet born… he’ll make a fortune. Loved the description.


  12. Somehow your comments have summed up my feelings about snooty art critique while at the same time endearing me even more toward you and your tender love of your little guy. You made me smile – thanks!!

  13. I know this is kind of silly, since they’re not “real awards,” but I just put you up for a couple of fun little award thingies at my blog. Just fyi. Cuz I like you and stuff. And you make me smile often. 🙂 See?

  14. In all seriousness, this image is like “Autumn Extract”. The deep darkness of the night, the rich orange of the pumpkins and the lone moon hanging heavy and ominous in the sky. I can practically smell the burning leaves in the air.

    Wonderful work.

  15. For some reason, this reminds me of the Great Pumpkin story and the one orange one in the sky is the “great pumpkin” who has risen from the pumpkin patch! Pumpkins have always been a big thing with Sean so this makes sense to me!

  16. I just heart you so much, AM! You are HILARIOUS!! I know I can always find a good laugh over here.

    I’m sure those were the artist’s exact thoughts as he created his masterpiece. 😀

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