16 thoughts on “Danaus Plexippus

  1. Either way it is a beautiful butterfly. What are the flowers called? I know I’ve seen them before.

  2. I think they’re called lantana (or something like that). Butterflies love them.

    I had scads of them all over my butterfly bush until a couple of weeks ago when it started to get cold (60s). Ha.

  3. Beautiful!

    I chased some non-manarch (scientific name) butterflies this summer until they finally got tired of flying away and hung out in the sand while I subjected them to repeated photos.

    They were lovely and yellow, but would only lay in the sand, instead of flitting around prettily among the nearby flowers.

    Butterflies, I’ve determined, are a tad fickle.

  4. Lantana is a wonderful plant for southwest gardens because it is drought resistant, flowers profusely all summer, grows like crazy and best of all, it’s perennial. You cut them down to the base in the late fall after they die back and they start all over in early spring. They come in yellow (which seems to me to be the hardiest), a yellow-orange and I think a lavender. And the butterflies love them.

    I’m a terrible gardener and even I can grow Lantana. And that is my treatise on Lantana

  5. Beautiful. Shows what a true artist can do with a camera.

    Keep up the good work.

    Give the Moose (Sean) a hug for us.

  6. What a beautiful photo! We raised them from eggs once for one of the kid’s science projects and then set them free. One thing they don’t tell you? Caterpillars poop ALL THE TIME. Could not believe the amount of poop that came out of those little things. I guess that is the big lesson we learned!

  7. Increadable shot! I just call all of it beautiful. The flower, butterfly, the photographer and phtotograph.

    Have a blessed week!

  8. You know what I love best about this picture? The butterfly isn’t hanging over my shoulder going, “Do I look fat in this picture? WHAT is going on with my bangs? I had no idea I had such dark circles under my eyes? Why didn’t you tell me that I was making that weird face?” We can learn a lot from butterflies.

  9. The colors in the photo are so vibrant. We get the monarch eggs every spring and watch as they change into butterflies. Such a wondrous experience every year.

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