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Pajama Day

The thing about elementary school is that nearly every day is a “special day” of some sort and I can’t keep up.  I find calendars to be sort of a complicated device to begin with, but school calendars are incredibly complicated.

Every week there is at least one “special” day.  It’s Team Day! Wear your favorite football team jersey!  It’s Spirit Day! Wear your school mascot t-shirt!  It’s Story Book Character Day! Dress as your favorite storybook character!  It’s Camouflage Day!  Wear Camo!  (That could just be Texas.)  It’s Baseball Cap Day!  It’s Stuffed Animal Day!  It’s Pajama Day!  We have had Pajama Day at least three times this year.

I don’t get all these special days because I am old.  We did not have special days when I was growing up.  I wore an ugly uniform to school every day and it was a special day if you made it home from school without getting whacked upside the head by Sister Mary Clyde.  Special days are a new invention.

But I go along.  When I remember.  Which is almost never.

So then, the other day I walked Sean to school and when we got there, I noticed that everyone was wearing pajamas.  Except for Sean.  Sean stopped dead in his tracks. “Mom!” he cried in despair looking down at himself as though he were naked, “It’s Pajama Day!”

He heaved a mighty groan.  “I’m supposed to be wearing my pajamas!”  He made the saddest of sad faces and cast his eyes downward in sorrow. He huffed.  That he was not properly attired was my fault.  I am the George Bush of motherhood —  everything is my fault.

“Just tell’em we sleep in our clothes,” I said.  I am a problem solver.

“Mom, you need to bring me my pajamas!”

I shook my head. Nope. No. No way.

I might have gone home for a library book or a forgotten lunch, but not PJ’s.  The fact of the matter is, I’m trying to raise Sean to be the kind of person who does not wear pajamas in public.

He groaned and schlepped into school, making the best of an unbearable situation. It is these kinds of life challenges that will make him into a strong and confident man with coping skills.  Or an insecure teenage girl with fashion issues.

After I dropped off Sean, I made my daily trip to Wal-Mart where I saw a number of adult humans wearing their pajamas.

Everyday is Pajama Day at Wal-Mart.


18 thoughts on “Pajama Day

  1. Ha ha — I agree, we have these things about once a month at Awana at church and I hate them. All they do is, 1) get the kids rowdy and excited, and 2) upset the ones who forgot to wear the designated clothing — and I see no purpose behind them at all, no reason to do this.

    We had pajama day a couple weeks ago. Why should children come to church in their PJ’s? Or to school? It makes no sense at all. One child was so upset that her mother forgot that she insisted on coming to church the NEXT week in her pajamas, all by her lonesome, just because she couldn’t bear to miss out.

    LOL about Pajama Day at Wal-mart. As a teacher, I had parents show up to their kids’ IEP meetings in their pjs sometimes. Had it been an early morning meeting, I could maybe see that they just didn’t have time to get the kids ready and themselves (although still…!) but these were late afternoon meetings! I still see it now that I go to homes to work with kids, but at least they’re in their homes now — still, if there was a professional coming to my house to work with my child, you’d better believe I’d be getting myself dressed first!

    * * *
    I’m with you. I think only babies should be out in public in their PJs. I think it’s kind of sad that our society has come to a point where we can’t even be bothered to get dressed.

  2. My kids had pj day last week. And hippie day (they have no idea what a hippie is) and sports day etc., etc.
    This is the second week this year where we’ve had themed days. I think one spirit week is more than enough and it’s all I want to go along with at most, but my kids are enthusiastic participators. And so it goes.

  3. I can sooooooo relate….about not remembering all the special days at school AND Walmart! I get that everyone dresses a lot more sloppily now than they used to, but what’s up with leaving the house in your pajamas?!

  4. I like pajama day at preschool. One less step to get through in the mornings. It is hard enough to get food in the child before we leave for school. But those other dress-up days where I have to buy something or plan ahead? I never get those right.

  5. I also never understood people leaving the house with their hair in curlers. Don’t you roll your hair for the purpose of looking good when you leave your house?? never got that one!

  6. Oh my! You are good! I always feel the guilt and take them their pjs or whatever. Nevermind they are the ones who knew about it and it’s their job to remember! You my dear, are teaching him to remember! Good for you!

  7. Oh man, I would have given in I think. Way to be firm. Our school has one week a year with special days, to celebrate book week or something. Thankfully it is essentially the same theme each day each year, so with 3 kids in school now we are all pretty used to it.

    Sometimes my kids do sleep in their clothes.

  8. My kids actually did sleep in their clothes! Made the morning so much easier. Your post is hilarious! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. I absolutely, positively cannot STAND to wear my pj’s after waking up. Have to get dressed immediately. Michael had pajama day last week on Friday, but he did not want to wear his jammies either. Chip off the ol’ block.

  10. I am a grown woman/teacher who is also told when to wear pajamas to school. Sigh. I play along as gracefully as possible (I even have a dedicated flannel pair that stays oh-so-new looking for school wear only), but I, too, don’t get some of these “special days”. Especially when I forget I have them on and find myself in line at a bank after school. 🙂

  11. I remember pajama day. She always wanted to wear her fuzzy slippers but the thought of her shushing around in the communal bathroom with those fuzzy slippers on just about gagged me. I usually made her wear shoes…and she ‘loved’ me for it! Most of the other ‘days’ I conveniently forgot.

    I did answer the door this morning in pajama bottoms (and a real tshirt and BRA) to sign for a piece of mail. The one day I get lazy, the doorbell rings and I’m busted in my half dressed state. : /

  12. Can I just say this? I DO NOT GET PAJAMA DAY!!

    It was pajama day at the school where I work last Friday. Why, oh why, do kids love this so much? I get the other special days (Wear Your School T-shirt Day- I’m good with that!) but I will NEVER get pajama day. Maybe it’s because I shop at WalMart a lot and am tired of seeing folks in their pajamas.


  13. I never allowed my kids to wear pj’s to school (or any other public venue). It’s inappropriate and unnecessary. My kids are now in college and haven’t been negatively affected by my “prudish mindset”, but then again, they live at home and commute to school. We all like it that way. I enjoy your blog and wish you and your delightful family a very merry Christmas!

  14. Last year, my (college) students were wearing pajamas in public. This year, it’s their yoga pants. I kind of wish they’d go back to pajamas, if those are the choices.

  15. Lol about pjs in walmart!

    I saw my first parent in pj’s in the school playground last week.

    Here the kids still wear full school uniform and only about 2 days a year they get a non- uniform day – it is a real highlight but so much effort and planning goes into it I am relieved they don’t happen too often 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from N Ireland!

  16. Daughter has pajama day today. She thought I was ridiculous, because I wouldn’t let her sleep in the pjs she is going to wear to school. I’m also making her wear panties under the pjs. And she can’t wear her slippers to walk across the parking lot, but is taking them in her backpack.

    I’m so with you on this. It’s fun, once a year, for preschoolers. But there it stops.

    By the way, on the subject of adults in pjs, who, who, who, buys those fleece sleepsuits in Target that are like baby sleepsuits for adults – all-in-ones with feet on the end and a big zipper up the middle? WHO?

    Also, as if my life wasn’t hard enough, in British English, we spell the word “pyjamas”, so I have to do a whole mental readjustment when the note about Pajama Day comes home, and that is way too much at Christmas time.

  17. Hahaha! If it’s any comfort, I always forget this sort of thing–PLUS when Elliot was in boy scouts I failed sewing on badges. AND we were always late to meetings.

  18. Pajama day really IS special for us, as it’s the only time DD actually wears her pajamas. She’s usually an “au naturel” kind of girl! 😀

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