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The Mushinggun

One year it was the Chicken Wipes. The next year it was the Peemo Boat.

This year, as you can see from the letter he typed up on his computer, Sean wants a mushinggun and a liykit, among other things.


One point for each correct answer.

23 thoughts on “The Mushinggun

  1. Every boy should have a machine gun. LOL. To look at the inside of bullets with his microscope. Surely Santa (in her infinite Antique wisdom) knows what the liykit is.


  2. I love his straight forward “I have been good.” And I think it’s adorable that he spelled Bakugan correctly out of all those words! How sweet!

  3. Machine gun…that was easy. I don’t know what bakugan is…maybe like those backyardigan or some children’s show. Microscope is also easy. And, hate to say it, but a kit about lying? Oh I give up. I used to be good at these games but I’m out of practice. πŸ™‚ DOn’t forget to tell us.

  4. Dang, all I got was the Bakugan and microscope. And I thought watching those Spongebob marathons would have me up-to-date on all the current toys . .

  5. Too cute. Gabe will have an addition to his Bakugan collection under the tree. No mushinggun, though, absolutely NOT!

  6. Liykit? Is there a toy out there called “Link It?”
    Just wondering.

    Don’t know how you feel about fire arms, but he did list the machine gun first. According to my Marine, the Corps refers to the machine gun as “The Saw.” Just a little tidbit you can use to impress Sean if you want.

  7. A machine gun, a Bakugan Kit, a microscope and ??? I thought I was doing so well . . . you better have him read that last one for you! Or have him show you what it is! My youngest has developed an obsession with crash bandicoot –who hasn’t been around for 5 or more years. The action figures are more valuable than gold on ebay. I’m torn. Good luck!

  8. My kids are 15 and 18. I had to Google Bakugan and it’s an actual real thing. GEEZ! Good luck finding the liykit. I think most stores are out of them. πŸ˜‰

    * * *
    I know. Just like Pokemon, I still don’t really know what the are. Since we don’t watch much TV or have video games, Sean wouldn’t know about them either if not for the kids at school.

  9. My son all of a sudden wanted Bey Blades–“Just like Thomas.” My son’s name is NOT Thomas. But his best buddy’s name IS. Like you–not a clue. I asked my 6th grade boys. . .and they gave me ALL THE SKINNY on Bey Blades. So Thad has one (singular) Bey Blade and one (singular) Bey Blade holder wrapped and ready to roll. I snorted when I saw the Bey Blade “stadium” that you can also purchase. . .VERY FLIMSY plastic for $24.99. He can use a dishpan. That is the extent of the toys he is getting (from us) this year. We got the kids a second hand laptop to share, so I told my husband I took bits of nothing and made them look like something.

  10. OK, do we get the translation of liykit? I’m also thinking it may be some sort of polygraph/csi type thing??

    He spells just like my Jack – we were just talking this morning about how his grandmother will love his TY note and all its misspellings (and wonder how he’s in the spelling bee next week ;-))

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