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Carry On Santa

So that y’all may go on with your holidays, I shall reveal to you the secrets of the House of Antique as it relates to obscure toy requests:

1) A machine gun.  Sean wants the Nerf machine gun but it is $40 and we already have three other Nerf guns.  He will get the $15 Walmart no-name obnoxious noise making variety which I will deeply regret two minutes seconds after it is loosed from its packaging.

After purchasing a number of Tonka obnoxious-noise-making Trucks and an Alvin the Chipmunk who sings Up On The Rooftop every time you walk past, you’d think I’d learn. But no.  I get visions of his eyes lighting up and his grubby little hands clapping with joy and I lose my mind and buy stuff I hate.  Apparently I’m nuts.  Or just nutty about that boy.

2)  A Bakugan Kit.   This “kit” is the exorbitantly over-priced Tupperware container for his growing collection of Bakugans, and by growing collection I mean we have two that we got in Happy Meals (one of which is lost at the moment).  Last week I had never heard of a Bakugan and I still don’t really know what they are.  Were it not for kids at school, Sean would still not know what they are.  &!@# school kids.

3) A microscope. This he is also not getting, although I really want to get him one.  I want to wait until I can buy a good sturdy one.  Anyone who has any microscope buying insider info, I’d love to hear from you.

4) A lie detector kit — as seen in Sky Mall magazine.  Also not getting this as it would surely be used against me.

What he is getting are Zoobs and a blocks and marbles super set and a new soccer ball.  Oh yeah, and the stupid machine gun.

Merry Giftmas to all and to all a good night!

18 thoughts on “Carry On Santa

  1. Thank you for telling us. I was, indeed, wracking my brain. The only one I could figure out was the machine gun. And I still don’t know what a Bakugan is!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I am not a big fan of the noise-making toys, either, preferring open-ended, imagination-stimulating things. Thankfully my kids still don’t seem to understand that they can ask for something in a catalog and then get that same thing for Christmas, so they are exceedingly happy with whatever they get. However, this year post-Christmas, that may take a turn. Now that Anja is in preschool, she may hear what the other kids get and be jealous. All the more reason to cultivate world-awareness and gratitude, I suppose. I’ll just have to work harder. Merry Christmas!

    * * *
    In my parenting experience, nothing beats Tinker Toys and Legos. I can’t tell you how many hours we have played with ours. Everyone from grandparents to toddlers enjoy them.

  3. You are a nicer mother than I, AM. I HATED loud toys with a passion. My kids were school age before they learned that batteries can be replaced…


  4. I’m so excited to hear Sean is getting Zoobs. I just found them the other day and can’t wait until another opportunity presents itself to gift them to my boy or his sis. Will you post an update, please? They just look so stinkin’ cool.

    Merry Christmas!!

    * * *
    I had not heard of them either until recently. They looked like the next level of Legos. Sean is such a builder that I think he’ll really like them (fingers crossed). I talked to several families who have them and they all gave five stars and the on-line reviews were good. They are not cheap, but if we get as much play out of them as we have our Legos and Tinker Toys, then they will be a good investment. I let you know what Sean thinks!

  5. I’ve tried and tried to get DD interested in Legos, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, etc. (I loved them myself as a kid) but she shows no interest whatsoever. Except in fancy marble tracks, but *I* end up having to build them for her. 🙁

  6. My son loves the legos and tinker toys too. I almost had all the answers, but was stumped by the last one, lie dectector kit. 🙂 Grandpa always buys the noise making toys, the boy got a paperjamz guitar from him for his birthday on 12/20. gotta love it.
    We have a cool store near us, Science Safari, that sells the best science “toys” and they have microscopes. I included the link for you for a future gift. Have a wonderful Christmas

  7. Oh, wow–those were good! Never heard of Bukugan and I have 4 kids, but we live in Montana, so that may explain it:) Hope you have the merriest of Christmases! I love to read your writing.

  8. Legos and Nerf guns were the greatest toys for many years. This year it’s clothes, headphones, little electronic thing and yes, more clothes. I hope your Christmas Day is wonderful and spent in the company of family and friends.

  9. I, too, have a 1st grader, who is a serious “scientist”. His number one request this year was a microscope, and so, Mimi and Poppa fulfilled this request this year with one made by My First Lab, purchased on Amazon. It says 8+ on the box, and he’s promised to only use it with an adult nearby, but it is great. Metal and sturdy, has a light to view items from above the platform as well as below, comes with 4 prepared slides and a box of the standard glass slides, slide covers and all of the tools needed to collect and mount endless items, including, thus far, yogurt, salt, bug “parts”, hair, finger nails, etc. I may be having more fun with this gift than he is, but he truly loves it. Good luck!

    * * *
    Thanks for the tip! That looks perfect for our microscoping needs. I think I’ll get that one for him on the next gift-giving occasion. Unless I am overcome with uncontrollable impulse in the meantime. 🙂

  10. akkkk,Bakugan-how I must dislike thee. My son also asked for some Bakugan things although he had NO clue what he was asking for– I think the $#%&school kids have talked about it so much that he was impressed by proxy. geez. We did go into the “great beyond” and buy two nerf guns– one for big sister and one for the son. They only have twelve thingies to loose until I am happy. ahem… The favorite toy this year is a remote controlled helicopter –good thing we don’t have any pets– cause duck and cover are a repeating request! Big sister got a telescope and I hope that will stand the test of time.

  11. My grown sister and I were talking a few days ago about Christmases past and she was saying that thinking back on our childhood Christmases, she never got THE thing she really wanted, she always got a variation or knock off of the desired object and that she never had a WOW Christmas because of it. I said that my poor mom was trying to make four kids happy on a limited budget and had done pretty darned well. But her lingering disappointment in those Christmases past made me think that maybe for my kid, the memory of getting what he really wants on Christmas, at least with one toy, is worth the expense.

    On the other hand, I have a friend and in her family of five kids, they each got one item of clothing on Christmas morning and then all went out sledding and she had wonderful memories of that!

    I guess with Christmas, we’re really just trying to make happy memories for our kids, however that is possible, with the realization of a dream come true gift, or/and a great happy time with family.

  12. OH, I hope he liked the mushinggun! Our two ended up with Nerf guns and have had a fantastic time….they have good hearts, so I’m not worried – yet!

    We bought gifts for a family this year and wanted to get the girl Baby Alive, but I so wanted to give her the Wal-Mart version because it was cooler and she’d get every conceivable accessory for the price of the one BA doll…right there with you on the the school kids!!

  13. I’m afraid I do not know what a Bakugan is. My girls are 16 and 20 and I guess I am not up to date on the latest toy craze anymore.

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