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Why There Are No 1st Graders In The Secret Service

As he walked towards me, I could see that something wasn’t right. That is not to say that I saw anything unusual, but my momtennae went up. There was something about his posture and his expression, something that telegraphed that all was not well. His hair was a crazy mess.  Nothing unusual about that. He had a red popsicle ring around his mouth which matched the red splotches on the front of his t-shirt, also not so very unusual. I took his backpack from him and slung it over my shoulder. “Hi dude! How was your…

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Always Real, Hallmark Holidays

Mother’s Day

When I picked Sean up from school today he thrust a handful of papers at me along with his backpack and took off up the hill to run and play with his friends.   When we got home, he saw that I was looking at the papers he had handed me. “Mom!” he cried, “Don’t look!” “What?” I said, “You HANDED them to me!” “Okay, you can look,” he said, “But don’t look at everything.  Just pick the one thing you want.” So I agreed to that and chose this lovely portrait of me.  He said he…

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Always Real

The Machine Kicker

Not too long ago, Sean was invited to a roller skating birthday party.  It was at a big roller skating rink where several birthday parties were held at the same time making it unclear which kid belonged to which party. It was one big crazy mass of rolling kids all jacked up on icing which makes for good times indeed. Much to my dismay, my son does not have the skating mojo.  Skating to me is the equivalent of say, walking or breathing.  It is unthinkable to me that anyone could not automatically know how to…

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