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Mother’s Day

When I picked Sean up from school today he thrust a handful of papers at me along with his backpack and took off up the hill to run and play with his friends.   When we got home, he saw that I was looking at the papers he had handed me. “Mom!” he cried, “Don’t look!”

“What?” I said, “You HANDED them to me!”

“Okay, you can look,” he said, “But don’t look at everything.  Just pick the one thing you want.”

So I agreed to that and chose this lovely portrait of me.  He said he drew me in that one pink fuzzy shirt that I have.  I am quite sure I don’t have a pink fuzzy shirt, but maybe I do.  Please, as you gaze upon this portrait, do not hate me because I am beautiful.



After I gushed sufficiently over the picture, he asked if maybe I’d like to open just one more thing. No, I said, I think I’d like to wait for Mother’s Day.  No really, he said, just open one more thing.  So I opened the letter which you see below.


It reads:  My mom is very special. She’s 51 and very beautiful. She does a lot of foatoshop. She loves me and I love her.  She buys suff for me like little models on stands that are real models.

It is a good thing that I don’t care if people know how old I am or how much I weigh for that matter.  Mental note to self:  Don’t let child see tax returns.

Aside from all that, I was touched at how he tapped into the raw truth about me in his essay, starting with my beauty.    Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder and the fact that the beholder in this case gets suff at Walmart is probably irrelevant.

Random thought:  If there are no ugly babies it stands to reason that there can be no ugly mothers.

He also noted how much I love him and how much he loves me and how I do a lot of foatoshop.  I’m sure some of the other kids wrote about how their mom’s cook fabulous meals and keep a spotless house or have paying jobs, but Sean’s mom does foatoshop!

Well since we were on a roll, he decided that I might as well go ahead and open the 3rd thing, so I did and inside was this exquisite brooch, hand-crafted of semi-precious plastic jewels and foam stuff.  Don’t covet it y’all, it wouldn’t be right.  I will wear this with my pink fuzzy shirt. If I actually have one.

And not because I was so well loved today, but because I just can’t stop myself sometimes when it comes to that boy whose freckles make my heart ooze stupid goofy irrational love, we went to Walmart and I bought him suff like little models on stands that are real models. Just because.


It’s all true, especially that part about the freckles.

* * * * *

Happy Mother’s Day all!  Do me a favor and maybe take some time to look around you and see who might be on the fringes and not feeling the love this weekend.  And be extra kind.

* * * * *

BREAKING NEWS:  I was wrong.  It turns out I actually do have a fuzzy pink shirt. I foatoshopped on my brooch so you could get the full visual affect.


31 thoughts on “Mother’s Day


    I opened the backpack of my first-grader today, only to catch a glimpse of that which I was not to catch any glimpses! I think it’s a paper floral arrangement, with a dryer sheet for scent (which fell out when the backpack was swiftly removed from my clutches). And I confess, I saw a draft of some writing. I think I’ll see the final version on Sunday. I’ll admit, even the draft made me teary!

    Happy Mother’s Day, AM.

  2. The picture, letter and broach are wonderful! There is nothing better than handmade gifts from boys with freckles.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Three mother’s day gifts! A picture, an essay and a pin made especially for you!
    Your nicest mother’s day gift however, is Sean – he’s the gift that you enjoy each and every day! Vivian

  4. Without question, Sean’s thoughtful prizes for you are way more precious than any Renoir, Hemingway, or Cartier-Hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend!

  5. Ah, lovely. I have just one question. How can Sean be SURE that those models on stands are indeed real models?

  6. *sigh* We are beyond the handmade Mothers Day gifts. But the other day when I ran something over to my neighbor’s house, her kindergartener, whispered in my ear “come to my room.” So I went in her room with her and she pulled something out from waaaaay deep in her bookshelf and showed me the Mother’s Day card she’d made her mom at school. Then she whispered “we also made our mommies some flowers.”
    And I melted into a puddle of goo right there in her lavender butterfly room.

  7. Awwww, so sweet! Doesn’t it just melt your heart?

    My 8 year old got off the bus Friday and immediately had me open the gift he had made at school. They wrote books for Mother’s day. My favorite line? “My mom is like a honye bager she likes to go shopping.” Apparently there is a badger in the skunk family who has a bird called a honey guide who helps it find a hive, then the badger sprays a bad smell to get the bees away, knocks down the hive and they both eat the honey. I guess I’m just like that.

    * * *
    That made me laugh so hard I cried! Made my day and gave me a little ab workout in the process.

  8. You are both beautiful.
    Not sure what I’m getting, but I know it’s hiding in the back of the coat closet, because I have strict instructions not to clean THAT today, while on my cleaning spree. No problem, son!
    Happy Mothers Day, A.M.!

  9. Those gifts from the wee ones outweigh, by far, any expensive gift that comes when they are older! They just put such love and effort into their little projects! I MISS those gifts!

  10. I LOVE that your nose is a check mark. I had never noticed that before. What artistic talent! And many moms cook and hold paying jobs; having a mom that does foatoshop is much more special and proves he actually notices you. 🙂
    And my but your boy looks like you.

  11. MY sons are 16 and 18 and way past the handmade Mother’s Day items. (which I keep in a big 6″ album in clear sheets along with their report cards and such and we sit and go through them each Mother’s Day)… But when my son came home after finishing college finals yesterday, he had a Panera Bread bag holding a dozen Cinnamon Crunch bagels with a piece of paper that said “Happy Mother’s Day Love, Karl” taped to it… He remembered that I like those and there is no Panera Bread near here so after finishing his finals he went way out of his way on the way home and bought me some… Melted my heart. Husband gave me 2 dozen of the most beautiful roses today….but can’t hold a candle to the bagels!!!

  12. What a really sweet boy you are raising, and so observant too.
    As a “nanny” I was allowed “without looking” to hide a white plastic bag under the smallest grandchild’s bed . What a privilege Not only did I know that the bag contained a surprise I knew where it was.
    But I wanted too.

  13. Lovely photo of you two. Glad you found the pink fuzzy top.

    To the right of my computer is a picture my son drew of me when he was about Sean’s age. On one foot is a high heel and on the other a sneaker. I never wear high heels, so I don’t know where he got the idea to draw me like that. Very cute though.

  14. I just loved this post! So many great memories of my Mom and the “precious jewels” we crafted for her to wear! Funny thing is, we are all grown up, she’s now a grandma, but a few of those “jewels” remain in her jewelry box today! More precious than the silver and gold they sit beside I’m sure. Happy Mothers Day!

  15. Who wouldn’t love a letter like that?? And a handmade brooch and artwork, to boot. You hit the “mother lode”. 🙂

  16. Happy, happy Mother’s Day to a woman with a lovely (and quite possibly) pink, warm, and fuzzy heart. 🙂

  17. My kindergartner came home with a card that says I am his “favrit” and “osum.” (Awesome). Best card ever.

  18. Love it!

    My 4 year old son painted a picture of me in which I look like a giant Mrs Potato Head with stars for eyes & with very short hair (my hair is past my shoulders). He also had a fill in the blank thing where he answered questions about me. He said that I was 50 (I’m 38) and that my hair is either brown or black (it’s brown) and my eyes are either green or blue (they’re green). One mommy who is much younger than me had it worse – her daughter said she was 72.

  19. Love the portrait! My 8 year old son gave me the portrait that he drew of me for Mother’s day and there are these mysterious black horizontal lines across the forehead. He said that I have them when I am looking in the mirror. 🙂 Bangs, right?!
    He just made our Mother’s Day perfect.

  20. Mother’s Day is a celebration for many and a sad reminder for too many. I love your post on infertility…I never take a single day of motherhood for granted…especially when I look at my 9 yr old who was conceived in a petri dish!

  21. From another antiqueish Mommy, I loved your comment about “no ugly babies, so no ugly mommies.”

    I am always amazed that my daughter thinks I am beautiful, I am older, grayer and wrinklier than all the other mommies on her softball team.

    * * *
    I never really think of myself as an old mom except when I go to a school event and I see that I could easily be the mother of most of the other mothers. I don’t care though; my boy thinks I’m purdy. 🙂

  22. I am heart broken that Sean is growing up so fast. But, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you how important your writings have been to me (mother of three, grandmother of ten and one great-grandaughter on the way). I have three absolute favorites that almost bring me to tears….Hands, The Box and The Crib. You really don’t know the magic your words are to the rest of us. Thank you, Antique Mommy, for sharing the gift of wordsmithing. Also,love the picture of you and Sean walking together. Enjoy… it won’t be long until another girl will be walking down the lane with him and you will watch them walk away together,knowing you have done the job God gave you. (But, it will hurt a bit)

    * * *
    Thank you so much Kacey for taking the time to write such kind words. It makes my day.

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