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Blessings Recounted: Driveway Time

When we got the call in April that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer, we knew that our time with him was limited.  We just didn’t know what that limit was and it took some time for the doctors to sort that all out to the degree that they could. That is something we all know, isn’t it?  That our time with the people we love is limited.  But most of us don’t live that way until the day we get that call. Why is that?  Do we not live in the full light of…

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Blessings Recounted

It was last year, in this month of April, that I got the phone call. My mother, trying to sound only mildly concerned, called to tell me that they had taken my dad to the hospital and they were running tests.  The catch in her voice betrayed her calm. While working his usual Saturday morning crossword puzzle his brain had gone a little fuzzy.  He couldn’t seem to get the words to travel the familiar path from his brain to his tongue. Don’t worry, she said, don’t worry,  I’ll call you when I know more.  I…

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