Parenting Gone Awry

Wherein I Am Omniscient With The Help Of Amazon

As many of you know, Sean is now a 10-year-old boy and as such, I have had to learn to lengthen the leash, to give him a bit more freedom. I have had to carefully calculate how much to lengthen the rope by the severity of the consequences that could befall any unfortunate decision he might make in this new space and then recalibrate and test the rope again just to make sure. When he was little it was much much easier.  I could allow him to roam to the other side of the playground where…

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Always Real, Papa Ed

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day. It is the day we celebrate the elusive, mysterious and incalculable mathematical equation known as pi, or the constant ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. It is also Einstein’s birthday, a curiously divine celestial arrangement. But to me, March 14th will always be the day my dad gave up his battle with cancer, a year ago.  It is fitting.  Just as pi is in constant harmony to it’s circumstances, so was my dad.  No matter his circumstances, large or small, he was content. In early December of last…

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