Antique Embarrassment, Antique Friends

The Ubiquitous Jacket

One of the highlights of this past weekend at the She Speaks conference was meeting my blog friend Shelly who writes My Life on The Wild Side. I had not met Shelly in person before, but when I met her on Friday, I connected with her immediately.  I felt like I had known her since high school.  The conversation was easy — we both grew up in the Midwest, both love words and are just similarly wired.  Since we were both on the speaker’s track, we attended some of the same sessions and enjoyed some meals…

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Antique Friends, Faith

The Mentor

Way back in 2000, AD and I had just moved to the home we live in now.  At that time, we were doing a lot of church hopping in an effort to try and figure out where to park it on Sunday’s. To make a short story long, also at the time I was taking a seminary course on the Gospel of Luke from a friend of ours who is a professor of theology at one of the southern Christian colleges.  The class was comprised of eight or ten young men hoping to become preachers. And…

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Antique Friends

Age Before Beauty Backfires

Awhile back, Antique Daddy and I went out to dinner with my friend Jennifer and her husband to a fancy steak house. As I may have mentioned before, Jennifer is nearly 6-foot-tall, skinny, has long blonde hair, perfect nose, perfect teeth.  And if that weren’t bad enough,  she’s smart, kind-hearted and funny.  She used to be a pediatric ICU nurse caring for the sickest of the sick children before she retired to have her own children.   And she’s 14 years younger than me.  When we hang out,  I choose not to think about how I could…

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Antique Friends, GiGi and Poopah

River Rats

Photo Temporarily Unavailable I spent the weekend with 15 of my favorite people on our annual river expedition in Arkansas.  (Shhh!  Let this be our little secret, but Arkansas is one of the most beautiful unspoiled states in the union.)  If you can’t tell, I’m the giant strawberry in the front.  I was elected to be the person to hit the timer on the camera and then run down a slicky muddy slope to get in the picture.  Due to the tricky nature of photography, I appear to be two times bigger than even the men.  Believe it or not, this is…

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Antique Friends

Strikingly Unconventional

You may recall that Quirky, who writes Quirky Is A Compliment,  won my recent meme contest, chosen randomly among the few who correctly guessed that I was not related to Laura Bush, set apart from those of y’all who think I am tall and have big feet. And not that bright.  I’m not all that bitter really because it stands to reason. Be that as it may. The so-called prize for this so-called contest was a guest post by me.  Some prize, eh?  Anyway, she has not backed out, so that’s where I am today.  Click on…

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Antique Friends, GiGi and Poopah, Makes Me Sigh, Southern Living

Pa Palmer

Friday afternoon, Antique Daddy and Sean and I were on our way to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend with Memaw when we got the phone call. The father of one of our dearest friends had passed away unexpectedly. Pa Palmer, as everyone called him, was 85-years-old. On Monday, we returned him to the sandy East Texas soil from whence he came. Except that we all will miss him terribly, it is no tragedy really. Pa Palmer lived long and he lived well. He loved others and was loved in return. He lived by his faith and he…

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Antique Friends, Faith, Makes Me Sigh

Last Weekend In July

It is from the shards of broken dreams that the mosaic of life is created. The last weekend in July was to be one of celebration. A young bride was to meet her groom at the altar, and before God, pledge to him her love, her body, her eternity. The plans had long been in the making. Caterers had been hired. Rings had been purchased. Gowns had been fitted. Pictures had been taken. Parties had been given. Gifts had been wrapped. Promises had been made. Dreams had been launched. A phone call can forever alter the…

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Antique Friends, Makes Me Sigh


Cherries are in season.  Cherries as gorgeous and red and decadent and as seductive as any apple in Eden there ever was. I saw them at the store and brought them home. I rinsed them under the cool water of the tap and then without even bothering to turn on the lights, I sat down alone in my kitchen and ate them one by one.  It was May of 1991. I was 31-years-old. My first husband and I, along with another couple, were in Europe. When you decide to take a two-week car trip with another…

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Antique Friends, Snips And Snails

Eleven Dudes Who Did…

and one who shouldn’t have. And it’s not who you think either. My dear friend Glenna, and one of Sean’s surrogate grandmothers, recently gave him a children’s book about the twelve disciples called “The Twelve Dudes Who Did.” Each page offers a verse of scripture and a little rhyme about each disciple. When we got to the page featuring Matthew I read, “Matthew loved money and always wanted more, until he met Jesus – then he left it for the poor.” To which Sean responded, “That not a good idea.” Oh dear. What would Jesus do…

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Antique Childhood, Antique Friends

EB Claus

My friend EB is an over-indulgent grandmother and an over-indulgent friend and I adore her. Her grandson is a year or two older than Sean. About once a month she shows up at my front door with bags (yes plural – bags) of clothes and toys that her grandson Preston has outgrown. Preston must have a closet the size of Old Navy. We have started calling her EB Claus because when she comes over it’s like Christmas. I remember the day EB gingerly asked me if I would be offended if she brought over some “gently…

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