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Shouted Greetings

Yesterday I was eavesdropping chatting on Twitter and I saw that my friend michaelsownmom was talking about how her little boy waved and shouted a greeting at a woman who was walking down the street, but the woman didn’t respond. And understandably, that bruised his feelings just a little. I replied to her that my six-year-old does the same thing – if someone is walking down the sidewalk in front or behind the house, he’ll stop what he is doing and holler Hi There! and wave with his hand high in the air, sometimes until they…

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Bloggin' Buddies

The Internet Is Awesome

Friday night I drove far far far FAR away from my home to have dinner with Screwed Up Texan and Amy who writes Living Locurto. I had never met either of them before, but chances are, if you read someone’s blog, you probably know more about them than people who really know them know about them — it’s just that you’ve never actually met them.  Diagram that sentence, I dare you. Anyway, we had a delightful time sharing stories and chatting about all things blogging and everything else.  We discovered that we are all three artists…

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Kansas City Here I Come

Last Saturday, I took my first solo trip away from Sean. I took a day trip to Kansas City to have lunch with some blogging buddies. I had been looking forward to it for more than a month. I looked forward to getting away on my own for the first time in a more than a decade and I looked forward to meeting people I only knew through the computer. I wondered if it would be like Christmas. Would all the anticipation and excitement and curiosity of what was hidden be disappointing when all was revealed?…

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