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The Holiday Shop

If there was one thing I thought I knew about my child it is this:  He cannot keep a secret. Early in December, Sean brought home a flyer from school announcing the annual Holiday Shop!  I put the exclamation point there so you might know just how thrilled I was with this news. The flyer reported which classes would visit the Holiday Shop on which days and at what time.  The flyer also stated with vehemence (probably inferred on my part) that there would be NO preview this year and that the vendor was the same…

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Giftmas or Christmas or Both

I got the following comment from Lil on my previous post and it really got me to thinking: “My grown sister and I were talking a few days ago about Christmases past and she was saying that thinking back on our childhood Christmases, she never got THE thing she really wanted, she always got a variation or knock off of the desired object and that she never had a WOW Christmas because of it. I said that my poor mom was trying to make four kids happy on a limited budget and had done pretty darned…

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Carry On Santa

So that y’all may go on with your holidays, I shall reveal to you the secrets of the House of Antique as it relates to obscure toy requests: 1) A machine gun.  Sean wants the Nerf machine gun but it is $40 and we already have three other Nerf guns.  He will get the $15 Walmart no-name obnoxious noise making variety which I will deeply regret two minutes seconds after it is loosed from its packaging. After purchasing a number of Tonka obnoxious-noise-making Trucks and an Alvin the Chipmunk who sings Up On The Rooftop every…

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The Mushinggun

One year it was the Chicken Wipes. The next year it was the Peemo Boat. This year, as you can see from the letter he typed up on his computer, Sean wants a mushinggun and a liykit, among other things. One point for each correct answer.


Having Myself A Merry Little Christmas

I am just popping in to say hello and season’s greetings and merry Christmas and all that good stuff.  I hope your holidays have been bright thus far. We have had a Norman Rockwellian sort of Christmas here at the House of Antique. We had a lovely snowfall on Christmas eve and even built a snowman.  We have had company and baked cookies and sang carols and thoroughly enjoyed the sparkle and light a six-year-old brings to the season. I got a robe for Christmas, not a Rob as I was led to believe. Guess I’ll…

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Fake And Sparkly – Still Not A Bad Thing

This post is from last December.  It is still applicable. * * * One day last week, Sean and I spent the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations.  I used to really enjoy decking the halls, but I have come to a point in life where it seems to be more work than fun. As I root through box after box of stuff, I wonder if hanging fake glittery stuff on a fake tree only to be removed and boxed up again in 30 days is a good use of my time and energy, both of which…

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The Christmas Bonus

One of the things I miss the most about having a toddler around the house is the spontaneous and exuberant affection. As a toddler, Sean was given to fits of passion.  Without warning, his teeny tiny heart would seemingly erupt with unrestrained and irrational love.  All that slobbery affection had to go somewhere and I was his favorite target. I miss the days when he would stand in my lap, giggling and bouncing on fat little legs.  I miss how he would wrap his ams around my head and gnaw on my face.  I miss the…

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Brown Paper

About 20 years ago, someone gave me a big roll of brown paper.  I lugged it home thinking I could do something artsy with it, although I had no idea what. So I stuck it in the back of the closet until such time as an idea came to me.  And there it stayed for about 10 years until I moved and stashed it in the back of yet another closet for another ten years.  Then I had a child.  And an idea.  And the brown paper was finally put to use. About once a week,…

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On Being Brave

Sunday night, the church we attend held its annual Christmas get-together where the children sing Christmas songs and have their picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  So we donned our gay apparel and off we went. Sean had been looking forward to going because he knew that Santa would be there and he wanted to make sure Santa knows that he wants a bow and arrow for Christmas.  He doesn’t really believe in Santa, but Sean is the kind of guy who likes to cover his bases. At the same time, he was not looking…

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Italian Pizzelles

When I was growing up in the midwest, our Italian neighbors always brought over a tin of pizzelles during the holidays.  To me, those thin buttery crisp waffle cookies symbolize holiday hospitality. When I moved out of my parent’s house, my mom bought me my own pizzelle iron and every Christmas I carry on the Italian tradition of bringing pizzelles to my friends and neighbors. Here’s what you will need: A pizzelle iron – mine is a 25-year-old Rival combo waffle/pizzelle iron. 6 eggs 1 1/2 cups of sugar 1 1/2 cups of melted butter 1…

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