Antique Daddy, Faith, Sometimes Sweet

It’s Good To Be The Queen

This “Twelve Dudes” book has made a big impression on Sean. It’s been a big hit here at the House of Antique, not just for Sean but for me as well. One evening last week, Sean was bathing and I was kneeling beside the tub, in my usual hand maiden’s pose. As I was chatting him up about current events, out of the blue, he insisted that I sit on the side of the tub so that he could wash my feet — just like the apostle John did in the Twelve Dudes book. As if…

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Faith, Snips And Snails, Use Your Words

Giving Thanks

em>Scene: Dinner table, House of Antique AM: Okay Sean. It’s time to eat. Fold your hands please and bow your head. Sean: (Drops head and for dramatic effect bumps it on the table. Chuckles to himself.) AM: (Lowers voice an octive to indicate reverence) Dear G – Sean: Aiaaaya-mahn! (Looks up over folded hands smiling) AM: Sean bow your head please. Ahem… Dear God, tha- Sean: Aiy-ya-Mahn! AM: Dear God, Thank you for this food and – Sean: Moo! AM: … thank you for the moon. Sean: Sun, Mommy. AM: … and the sun. Thank you…

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