Always Real, Joy, Makes Me Sigh, Wal-Mart

The Grocery Store

Today I had to go to the grocery store. These days that task is as mundane as it sounds. Except for that the grocery store is never mundane, especially if you shop at Walmart as I often do.  Walmart embodies the whole of the broken state of humanity. It is where it all hangs out — literally.  It is the state fair and the airport all in one place.  Every person pushing a cart has some wild crazy Pulitzer Prize winning tragic story.  And I can see that, I can smell it and that lights some…

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Always Real, Faith, Makes Me Sigh

Swings And Lane Cutters. When A Win Is Not A Win.

Have you ever been driving somewhere, and you see a sign in big flashing letters that unmistakably says MERGE RIGHT. LEFT LANE CLOSED AHEAD. Being the good reader that you are, you take this to mean that the left lane is closed ahead.  You merge right because you know that no left lane will preclude driving in the left lane. You are astute like that. Then you, along with the other good readers, spend the next 30 minutes painfully inching forward in the right lane for the next mile where the left lane actually ceases to…

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Always Real, Antique Childhood, Makes Me Sigh, School

School Dazed

The last time I wrote here, Sean and I were coming to the end of his of first grade year of school.  I say “Sean and I”  because, really, it was not just his first grade – it occupied a large share of my time and my thinking and my emotional space too.  It was my first grade experience by proxy; a much needed do-over of sorts for me. It seemed to me that first grade would be a pivotal point in Sean’s academic career.  In that first school year, he would either decide school was…

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Always Real, Christmas, Joy, Makes Me Sigh, Outsmarted, School

The Holiday Shop

If there was one thing I thought I knew about my child it is this:  He cannot keep a secret. Early in December, Sean brought home a flyer from school announcing the annual Holiday Shop!  I put the exclamation point there so you might know just how thrilled I was with this news. The flyer reported which classes would visit the Holiday Shop on which days and at what time.  The flyer also stated with vehemence (probably inferred on my part) that there would be NO preview this year and that the vendor was the same…

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Makes Me Sigh

The Morning Routine

I am by nature a morning person.  By 5:30 am, I am itching to get out of bed and get going.  But by 8:30 pm, I’m spent; ready for bath, bed, and beyond.  AD, on the other hand, is a night owl.  Consequently I have always assumed the morning parenting duties while he takes the bedtime shift.  And it has worked well for our family. The other morning Sean got up earlier than usual and stumbled into the kitchen where I was sitting at my desk.  He wrapped his arms around my neck and then lodged…

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Makes Me Sigh, Memaw, Snips And Snails

The Lightning Blue Remote Control Speed Boat

Sometimes when I catch Sean being good, I reward him by letting him pick out something at the grocery store.  The only limitation I put on him is that it must be something that can fit in the palm of his hand.  And it is for this reason that I haven’t told him where Wal-Mart keeps the iPods. And so it was one day early in the summer.  When we got to the store, we headed straight back to the toy department in search of a reward. We went up the aisles and down the aisles…

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Antique Daddy, Makes Me Sigh

My Father’s Book

By Antique Daddy Earlier in the year, I found myself standing before a bookcase where I noticed the two-volume series The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah.  These books had belonged to my father, a preacher, and then later my oldest brother, also a preacher. My father was thrown from a horse and killed when I was eleven.  Six years later when I was 17, my oldest brother was killed in a motorcycle accident.  He was only 27 and left behind his pregnant wife and unborn child.  The loss of these two men who never…

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Makes Me Sigh, Snips And Snails, Wivian

Make A Wish

The other afternoon Sean and I went out for a walk. It was a glorious Indian summer day, warm and peaceful and perfect in every way. He spied the very last of the ripened dandelions and plucked it out of the ground.  “Okay Mom,” he said, “Be quiet.” I stood quietly and respectfully off to the side while he stood as still as a totem pole, eyes closed and holding up the dandelion to his lips.  Then he whispered, “I wish Vivian could come see me every year!” He inhaled deeply with a squeak and then…

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Makes Me Sigh, Snips And Snails

The Confliction Of Five

As of late, Sean has been trying to convince me that he is over being a baby, that being a baby is so yesterday, that he has moved on, that he has joined the ranks of the big boys. But like a politician, his actions don’t always line up with his words. The other day as we were leaving the house for a play date, he ran back to his bedroom and grabbed Mr. Monkey to take with him in the car. As we are walking towards the garage, I notice his grimy little boy fingers,…

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Makes Me Sigh, Snips And Snails

Jay Jay

“Mom,” Sean said, “I want you to take these baby toys and put them away.” He was standing next to my desk holding a small box. He laid the box on its side and Jay Jay and the gang came to a crash landing on my desk with a clatter. “What’s wrong with Jay Jay?” I asked puzzled. “You love Jay Jay.” I picked Jay Jay up.  He was missing a bit of his tail section but was just as bright and cheerful as ever. “Well I’m big now,” he said seriously.  “I’m more into planes…

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