Memaw, Tuna

Therapy With A Side Of Cold Cream

My mother-in-law, Cleo, has owned a cosmetics and clothing business on Main Street in downtown Tuna for more than 25 years. She has enjoyed a fair measure of success for a variety of reasons. One, she can flat out sell. That woman could sell the devil a Bible and then he would order a few more for gifts. Two, Papa George stands squarely behind her, encouraging her and supporting her every step of the way. Three, she understands that she is not selling clothes and cosmetics, but hope and dreams. And four, the good people of…

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Memaw, Outsmarted

The Memaw Factor

Discipline is the parenting issue about which I have the least confidence. Because I haven’t read every book ever printed on the topic? Because I haven’t bent the ear of every person on the planet who has a child? Because my child is an angel and does not require discipline? No. No. And Almost. Oops. Make that No, Almost and then No. The problem isn’t even so much sorting through all the competing philosophies – Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Dr. Phil, Dr. Karp, Dr. Spock, Dr. Seuss or even Dr. Scholls. The problem is that no…

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Happy Birthday Memaw!

Dear Cleo – Today we celebrate not only Christmas Eve, but the 79th birthday of you and your handsome twin brother Leo! The miracle of every life is worth celebrating whether it be a life of two years or 79 years. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and thank you. Like a lost puppy, you and George took me into your family the instant your son brought me home nine years ago. Never have I felt more welcomed and wanted anywhere. I realize now the reason you were so happy to see me…

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Antique Childhood, Memaw, Use Your Words

Will the real Mom please stand up?

Way back in the last century, when TV only came in black and white, there was a game show called To Tell The Truth. This show featured a panel of obscure celebrities trying to guess the identity of an even more obscure celebrity from amongst two others claiming also to be said obscure celebrity — in a friendly identity theft sort of way. At the end of each episode, the announcer would say, “Would the real [obscure celebrity name here] please stand up?” The suspense was palpable to see who would stand as all three contestants…

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