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Go! Laugh!

I love a funny story and Big Mama has got one today. A funny funny story involving a large pregnant lady (is there any other kind?) in search of tan, a chain link fence and a binkini. Go! Laugh! Now!

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Best of Antique Mommy Comments

Yay for you, my marvefabuwonderlicious readers! You made me laugh every day this year with your funny, thoughtful, kind and insightful comments. And so, to solute you and the year that was 2006, I present to you the best of your comments, taken totally out of context! * * * Pammer – I will NEVER put bologna on a pizza and try to pass it off as pepperoni. Sorry, mom. SJ – Every great once in a while you might meet other children who you approve of. But there does seem to be an extraordinary amount…

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