Papa Ed, Sometimes Sweet

The Tradition Continues

On our recent visit to Illinois, Sean got a lesson from Papa Ed in the fine art of goofing off. Of course, he’ll never be as skilled at it as I am, but I have studied under the master for 47 years. And it has served me well. Happy Father’s Day Daddy. Thanks for holding the nail while I learned to hammer.  

Memaw, Sometimes Sweet, Wivian

The Pinwheel

Last week, we drove to Illinois to visit my parents and let Sean OD on popsicles and Wivian. Knowing that in the coming week, that Wivian would be indulging Sean’s every whim and thereby be promoted to most favored grandmother status, Cleo, my mother-in-law, made a pre-emptive strike in the Grandma Wars and loaded Sean up with seven or eight presents to open along the way. When we were about a mile away from MeMaw’s house, Sean demanded to open his first present and being the spineless jelly fish of a parent bent on instant gratification…

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Snips And Snails, Sometimes Sweet

The Ponytail

Tonight around 10:30, I made my way to Sean’s room to turn off his lamp and to remove the dealership of matchbox cars from his bed as I do every night. I looked down into his crib to see him sprawled out in his usual dramatic pose – his forearm draped over his forehead in the manner of Scarlett O’Hara, the other hand across his heart, pledging allegiance, legs bent and poised as though sprinting toward the river of crystal light. Just as I leaned over to cover him up, he opened his eyes and sighed…

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Antique Crazy, Mildly Amusing, Sometimes Sweet

Put The Cheese Down And Snap Out Of It!

It has been kind of nutty this week. I am having my kitchen cabinets repainted and if this post doesn’t make any sense it’s because I’m still high on White Whisper and Oreos. Being shut out of my kitchen for two days has meant that I had to make lunch at my coffee table in the den yesterday. Because for some reason that’s where the bread ended up when I had to clear out the kitchen. It seemed logical at the time. Sean thought having a picnic in the den was a great idea and that…

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Mildly Amusing, Sometimes Sweet, Use Your Words

I’m The Poodiest

School is out for the summer and the days are getting longer. Boy oh boy are the days getting longer. Being the sole teacher/disciplinarian/guardian/playmate/muse of a three-year-old boy from sun up to sun down has given me a greater appreciation for Sean’s teachers — even though they slighted him missed the opportunity to feature him in the school slideshow as prominently as my precious beautiful special boy-genius deserves (wink wink). By dinnertime, I was exhausted. I set down a bowl of hastily made gourmet macaroni and cheese in front of Sean and then I collapsed into…

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Always Real, Sometimes Sweet

Saturday Mornings

Photo Temporarily Unavailable used to mean sleeping in and awaking to my own internal alarm clock, reading the newspaper, working the crossword puzzle, eating brunch out… Now Saturday mornings mean sleeping in until 6am and awaking to someone jumping on my bed, reading the back of the Bisquick box, figuring out how to turn on the VCR before coffee-provided wherewithall sets in and making pancakes shaped like a snowman on steroids. The only thing I really miss is the crossword puzzle.

Always Real, Antique Crazy, Sometimes Sweet, Sometimes Tart

Shortly After 8:30am, They Lived Happily Ever After

7am. – Coffee Pour first cup of coffee. Bump cup on edge of counter. Favorite cup breaks and splashes moderately hot coffee down the front of the cabinets and all over my feet. Do the walking on hot coals dance. Clean up mess. 7:30 – Eggs Remove egg from carton to crack into pan. Drop egg on my foot en route. Hobble over to the sink to wipe yolk from between toes leaving a trail of egg slime from stove to sink. Clean up mess. 7:40 – Toast Toast pops up. Reach for butter tub. Knock…

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Sometimes Sweet


Photo Temporarily Unavailable I can’t cradle this boy in my arms so much anymore. I miss that intimacy. But I can spend a rainy morning sitting on the kitchen floor with him, side by side, painting giraffes. We are two artists doing our thing together, without the intrusion of spoken word. Hanging out together — this is the new intimacy that binds us. It is not flesh to flesh, but it is nourishing and it is satisfying.

Outsmarted, Sometimes Sweet

April and Ollie

Photo Temporarily Unavailable Just beyond our neighborhood live April and Ollie. We pass their place nearly every time we leave the neighborhood and as we do, we slow down, roll down the car windows and shout out a greeting. It’s Texas. We’re friendly here. They always stop what they are doing, raise their heads and nod back in acknowledgement. Ollie is an old swayback horse. April is a donkey and Ollie’s paramour. Like an old married couple, they are always together. Last week, as we drove to school, Sean spotted the pair. “Oh Mommy! Slow down!…

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Snips And Snails, Sometimes Sweet

Heart Pops

Each morning I get up and pour myself a cup of coffee and look forward to sitting quietly and alone on the sofa for thirty minutes before the sun brightens the sky and unleashes a tsunami of crazy on the House of Antique. One recent morning as I sat on the sofa in the dim glow of the light of the day gathering my thoughts and my wits, I heard the soft squishy footfall of footsie pajamas on the tile. I looked up to see a teddy bear of a little boy with hair spiking out…

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