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Blessings Recounted: Contentment

Today is my dad’s birthday. As I think of him today and the many odd and unexpected blessings that were gathered to me in this last year of his life, the blessings that I am trying to capture here for Sean and for me so that we might recall them on some distant day, what comes to mind is how contented he was in all circumstances and the goodness it added to my life. My dad was a simple guy. That’s not to say he wasn’t smart.  He was good with numbers and had an intuitive…

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Always Real, Antique Childhood, Papa Ed, Wivian

Blessings Recounted

It was last year, in this month of April, that I got the phone call. My mother, trying to sound only mildly concerned, called to tell me that they had taken my dad to the hospital and they were running tests.  The catch in her voice betrayed her calm. While working his usual Saturday morning crossword puzzle his brain had gone a little fuzzy.  He couldn’t seem to get the words to travel the familiar path from his brain to his tongue. Don’t worry, she said, don’t worry,  I’ll call you when I know more.  I…

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Jackets Lost And Found

So far we have had two chilly mornings.  So far Sean has worn a jacket to school two times. So far Sean has lost two jackets. So this morning, as he put on his 3rd and final jacket, I said to him that his first order of business today was to locate the other two jackets. “Mom,” he said, “If the jackets are not claimed within so many days they give them to someone who does not have a jacket.” “Sean,” I said, “That someone without a jacket may be you if you don’t come home…

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No One Drops In For Coffee Anymore

As I was driving home from dropping Sean off at school the other day, I noticed the long line of cars wrapped around Starbucks and the crowded parking lot and I got to thinking how no one drops by for coffee anymore.  It seems that everyone goes to Starbucks instead. Friends dropping in for coffee is all but a remnant of another era and I think that is kind of a shame that we aren’t available for spontaneous interaction anymore, that we don’t open our homes for that sort thing, that we are just too busy…

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Make A Wish

The other afternoon Sean and I went out for a walk. It was a glorious Indian summer day, warm and peaceful and perfect in every way. He spied the very last of the ripened dandelions and plucked it out of the ground.  “Okay Mom,” he said, “Be quiet.” I stood quietly and respectfully off to the side while he stood as still as a totem pole, eyes closed and holding up the dandelion to his lips.  Then he whispered, “I wish Vivian could come see me every year!” He inhaled deeply with a squeak and then…

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Antique Childhood, Wivian

The Paisley Dress

I love paisley and I always have. I think paisley adds a touch of class to nearly anything. Once, when I was a young girl, I was looking through our family photographs when my eye was drawn to one of the few color photographs in the box. I pulled the picture from the box and studied it closely for a long time. It is a picture of my mother. She is a young woman. She is wearing a paisley dress, cyan blue, the color of a shallow tropical sea. She is seated deep in a chair…

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Otherwise Occupied

In case you were wondering who my company was yesterday, it’s my mommy.  She’s still here.  Sometimes I like to be coy.  The upside to that is that she is occupying my child which means I can do other things, like go get my teeth cleaned – just a little hobby of mine, something I like to do in my spare time. The downside to that is she can’t vote for me which means I’ll probably win this prize. So, maybe you could get your mother to vote for me? (That’s once every 24-hours through November 8th!…

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Memaw, Sometimes Sweet, Wivian

The Pinwheel

Last week, we drove to Illinois to visit my parents and let Sean OD on popsicles and Wivian. Knowing that in the coming week, that Wivian would be indulging Sean’s every whim and thereby be promoted to most favored grandmother status, Cleo, my mother-in-law, made a pre-emptive strike in the Grandma Wars and loaded Sean up with seven or eight presents to open along the way. When we were about a mile away from MeMaw’s house, Sean demanded to open his first present and being the spineless jelly fish of a parent bent on instant gratification…

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Mildly Amusing, Wivian

My Cylinders Are Dirty And My Mother Told Me So. For Free.

For several weeks, I’ve been pretending that I haven’t noticed that our six-year-old freezer is not really freezing. Having recently replaced a 5-year-old washing machine, the thought of our reasonably young major appliances dying off one by one was more than I could bear, so I scampered off to my happy place where appliances never break, my thighs are thin and chin whiskers are only for cats. La-luh-la-luh-lah! But then the other day I noticed that the veggie burger that I pulled from the freezer felt more like a sponge than a frozen burger. Although a…

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Papa Ed, Wivian

Departure Day

Nothing has been more healing to me this past week than to see Sean interact with my parents. He simply adores them. And the feeling, of course, is mutual. Whereas I shaved about 20 years off their lives back in the 70s, he has added that many years and more back, just in the past week. He makes them laugh, and to hear the three of them giggling together, all caught up in some private joke, is a joyful noise. I did not grow up with grandparents. Regrettably. And I guess we all want for our…

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